Laura Aboli – Trying to make sense of everything that’s going on

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I have one of those minds that never stops thinking, and lately it’s on overdrive trying to make sense of everything that’s going on. There are so many conflicting pieces of information, so many theories and perspectives, it really is a mine field of perceptions! If driving us nuts was part of the plan, they might achieve it! 🤪

At times like this, I choose not to buy into any theory and I don’t engage emotionally with a specific outcome but rather remain a watchful, critical spectator of all that is developing around us.

I can see everything unfold but I try not to make it mine in order to allow my intuition to guide me. And what is my intuition telling me?

It’s telling me that this very painful but necessary process of awakening is going to take longer than we thought and that things are unfortunately going to get worse before they get better, to give the zombies a chance to wake up from their deep slumber!

Monkeypox vaccine line in San Francisco on Monday

If you think about it, the reason humanity is in the condition it’s in, is because we allowed others to rule us, to decide for us, to manipulate us and to enslave us.

We must now not only wake up to this realisation, we must take responsibility for ourselves and save ourselves. This is what it’s all about.

Waiting for someone to save us does not break the pattern of dependency, we must hold ourselves free, sovereign, independent and fully responsible for our mental, emotional and physical well being. This is the lesson humanity must learn, this is the metamosphosis that humanity must experience.

Sadly, I don’t think everyone will make it, some are just not capable of withstanding this process. Coming to terms with the loss of human life around us will be the toughest part of this experience. Personally, I can only begin to assimilate it in the know that their souls will go back to the Creator until they are ready to return. Perhaps it had to be this way. ..🙏🏻
My intuition also tells me that those strong enough to weather the storm will get to experience life like it was intended, like it was created; in peace, in love, in light.

Be patient, be strong, be ready, be watchful, be aware, but close your eyes often and feel God with you. You will withstand anything.
You are not alone.

Laura Aboli – I believe humanity is undergoing a test, a moral, spiritual, psychological, emotional, physical and mental test

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