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Glimpse of the bigger picture.

13 Bloodline families have been trying to rule the earth for thousands of years. The end goal was one evil all powerful world controlling government and military. The new world order.

These pure evil bloodline families, think they have always had the right to rule over us all from the beginning. They believe it is their destiny and right to rule how they see fit and by any means. Slowly and steadily gaining control of the planet, bit by bit with evil trickery.

They eventually gained full control of England’s power and the crown using their evil ways to infiltrate a very long time ago.

How do you think it went down, when America wanted its freedom of independence from these evil controlling bloodline families?

The Declaration of Independence Inspirational Reading

We believe some of the founding forefathers were in some of these created societies at some point, because of their positions and prestige back then. These societies on the surface seem good and an elite club of sorts and love to pamper your ego with gifts. That’s what evil and the devil does, sleight of hand trickery to get you in willingly.

What the founding forefathers uncovered was sinister. All is not what it seems, and it is all based on trickery, deception and evil plans. Once in their grip, because of human pride, greed, lust and envy (All sins). More and more leverage they have on the person and that family forever. At top levels of these societies, they will kill you and others, and “their laws” allow for it and not in a good way.   

Like me posting here, no one would believe this. The forefathers new this, so did JFK and he tried to warn us all, because we cannot automatically think in the way these evil psychopaths do and it’s way to unfathomable to think even possible, it is hard for us to grasp that mindset and its why the laws and bible values were created to protect the states over a long period of time.

JFK Secret Societies Warning Us

Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights.

The United States of America is at that biblical place in time, exactly what those declarations were created for!

This is a moment in time for the direction of humanity. If we were to lose full control of the US, the world is in darkness for 1000s of years and those evil Georgia Guide stones “America’s Most Mysterious Monument.” would become true. 

Many of their evil agenda’s are hidden in plain sight just to mock us.

Maintain Humanity Under 500,000,000.

What happens to the other 7 billion people? Nothing good I’m guessing.

Stop! Stop believing anything you have learned on their TV and in their books, it is all twisted lies and truth, combined to confuse on purpose. We have all been living in their reality of the world, they have been at the helm of the ship driving us to our demise. Driving us away from God and using all the devil tactics to control and manipulate us for generations.

We outnumber them sure; our problem is the trickery and misdirection using greed and fear. It’s design to make us willingly release the power and all the government controls to these bloodlines owned societies around the world and also the corporations they own and build to control us. There is no real innovation or fate, only to an acceptable level they allow it to be or take and steal the breakthrough technology for themselves to use against us. Many of the leading doctors and scientists are controlled willingly and or compromised in some way.

Facebook was built by Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) project (life log). Handed to Zuckerberg to setup and run.

Google is the same story and many others; all too slowly centralize planet wide control and a new world order system. You see the same with the large companies on wall street merging and big pharma, all just how the Democrats like it and all of it by design. Many republicans are also involved and compromised, they play both sides and have done so in all the wars they create.

They have always been one step ahead, for a long time and do everything to divide us so they can maintain control of this planet.

The Matrix movie is not a movie, it is a modified documentary of our true reality that is out of our control. It only seems like we are in control of humanity’s destiny.

Those psychos get off on rubbing our face in it, that they control our lives and yes, they also own and created Hollywood and the idols the children look up to and are manipulated by. This has destroyed many families, by misguiding our youth with evil misdirection, drugs, sex, racism and global warming lies to name a few.

The suggestive programming starts at a very young age.

I realize it is a lot to take in and to change someone’s lifetime of core beliefs, those beliefs are all based on their schools and Tell-(A)-Vision (Channels and programming) and how they want you to think and feel.

God Wins? It is still up to us all, as a conscious collective of good people. Who has the balance of power on earth? Do you still have faith? Or have you lost your way from all this programming and gotten corrupted with sin? The earth needs cleansing and you know how God did that last time.

In this biblical moment of time, turn off the fake news TV and manipulation, quiet your mind and take a deep breath of fresh air, concentrate on the breath, slow in and out. Listen to you heart and reunite with your soul and purpose.

We are all in this together.


David OC

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