You are not alone – Process of awakening and transformation

Thousands and thousands have entered the process of awakening and transformation since the current world events.
Covid has proven to be both a curse and a blessing in disguise, as so many are finding their way now, towards the light of truth.

Truth that triggers your awakening.
Truth that grants freedom in the transformation to become who you truly are.
Truth that accelerates the desire and need for change.
Truth that connects us in the higher dimensions of the different improved reality we all search for in this life.

This improvement will be the effect of the Great Awakening. When we connect in the desire and mastery of autonomy, health and harmony.
The beginning of this change starts within you.

Many people are experiencing stress due to the unrest, uncertainty, dissatisfaction and some even the beginnings of bad health at this moment on the planet. That is the signal from your intuition, your soul. The signal that something else is needed. Deep down, a voice calls out for your attention and your action for a much needed change.

Many start by adjusting their lives on the level of exercise, healthy food, yoga, reading about consciousness, listening to podcasts, etc.
At this level there is some improvement to be gained in terms of well-being and energy, but it does not bring about real change.
And the superficial solutions that people are currently being presented within the field of health care are even misleading and harmful.

Soon you will come across, consciously or unconsciously, deeper blockages, effects in your body and patterns in yourself, which prevent change and improvement in your life.
This may give you the feeling that you are back to square one, that you keep going round in circles.
And you are.
The negative spiral of low frequency that we call the matrix.

Learn how your human system really works.
Learn which mental ego structures are blocking the flow of energy and keep you stuck in the matrix of the Mind.
Learn to listen to the language of your emotions, what they want to tell you and which themes in your life it affects.
Learn how you can connect to you inner guidance and activate your moral compass on your journey.
Learn which knots you can untie within yourself to take control of your own autonomy, health and Light in your life and that of your loved ones.

Conscious, awake, stable, strong and autonomous souls are needed right now to contribute to the altering, shifting and changing of the collective systems that are running the show in our communities today.
What the world needs is new systems build with the right intentions to nurture humanity and the planet back to higher states of wel being, freedom and harmonious living in peace.
It all starts with you.

If you don’t, listen to this call of that voice within there’s a good chance that your soul will continue to demand attention through your physical body and your life experience.
Attention in the form of stress and chaos in your private or work life and relationships. Or even serious attention in the form of illness.
Signs from the higher universal dimensions to tell you it is time to do what you came here for old soul.
Signs that show you the internal work of healing that has created a loop of pain and suffering for many generations that can be stopped by you.
If you and I keep going round in the karmic circles, essentially nothing changes.

The Universe gives you a nudge, then a push, and finally a punch to knock you over and bring you to a stop. Until your soul gets your attention and you have to change.
The dark night of the soul has a purpose.
To force you to find the path on your journey that will guide you and many others towards the light.

In my book you learn about the stages of consciousness, awakening, mastery and enlightenment in the process of ascension to higher forms of living from different angles and perspectives of knowledge, but especially from my own vision and life experience. So that you can break through your vicious karma circles, blockages and mental patterns of the ego.

CERN home of the >CIA

CERN home of the >CIA

_Because CERN is the largest and most advanced nuclear and
particle physics laboratory in the world, security at the top-secret facility is the most stringent on Earth. Consequently, it’s the perfect place to hide the entrance to the one and only Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).
As originally depicted in the March 31, 2015, report entitled “10 Reasons Why Switzerland is Home to the CIA”, hard evidence now confirms that Switzerland is in fact harboring the CIA. However, exactly where CIA Headquarters is located within Switzerland has remained a mystery—until now.
In short, CERN serves as the secret entrance to CIA Headquarters which is located in the underwater Alpine canyons of Lake Geneva, a lake so deep it had to be explored by Mir 1and Mir 2, Russian submarines which are known for their ability to dive up to 6,000 meters (19,685 feet).
Consequently, CIA Headquarters beneath Lake Geneva is only accessible via underground trains from CERN, and via submarines which travel through a 275 kilometer (170 mile) subterranean tunnel which evidently begins in Genova, Italy, and ends in Lake Geneva.
Although only conjecture, it appears that Sub-Biosphere 2 is modeled after CIA Headquarters beneath Lake Geneva. This notion is based on the fact that the Sub-Biosphere 2 mimics the Big European Bubble Chamber (BEBC) which evidently serves as the central command center.
CERN’s LEP Tunnel, which is 26.659 kilometers (16.6 miles) in length, admittedly passes through Switzerland and France, likely en route to CIA Headquarters. Coincidentally, CERN is roughly 27 kilometers from the center of Lake Geneva (i.e., 46°27’19.8″N 6°36’01.9″E) where CIA Headquarters is evidently located.
Therefore, it appears that CERN’s LEP Tunnel is political cover for the subterranean tunnel through which daily commuter trains shuttle CIA personal from the suburbs of Geneva, Switzerland, to CIA Headquarters deep beneath Lake Geneva

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[They] PLANNED long ago

/)) [They] PLANNED long ago<<
Create WAR/>same enemy>same plan>give weapons to terrorist group.. Take over country>//Terrorist group grows (again,) into jihad.. Grows into moving forces heading into> Middle East< (again) Iran Iraq /Saudi Arabia unrest.. Yemen unrest Pakistan UNREST>>>>>>>>>>>CNN [MSM]BBC PLASTERS NEWS!!!..
(no conversion of CIA_OBAMA(Biden regimen)_CCP/ moving all the opium out of Afghanistan
/)/)The opioid alkaloids contained in opium extracts (e.g., codeine, morphine, thebaine) are used to synthesize many prescription narcotics (like morphine, codeine, oxycodone, ect.ect.ect ect ect.etc……). Heroin is also made from raw materials obtained from the opium poppy plant …. Will create drug trade WARS in Myanmar Thailand Laos Bangladesh Bhutan (Military upheaval) complete UNREST<<

/))OBAMA_CIA(ROTHSCHILDs/Rockefeller’s)_CCP(EU CONTROLLED) REGIMEN created a perfect storm of LIES & DECEPTION

+ALL distractions away from the the Plandemic……

Unfortunately I wrote about this last year.. This would happen<
But I also wrote about the near Death CIVILIZATION EVENT…

THIS all has to happen… White HATS are letting[DS] PLAY THEIR LAST CARDS!!!!///

Watch what TRUMP says.. This is vital in these moments and vital to a WORLD waking up..<

Don’t act surprise…

The news is FAKE

All _EVENTS have to happen..

In each country they are experiencing the EVENTS..
the world must see the DARKNESS and RISE… This is also an _EVENT/)/))


It had to be this way .



Watch the shipping lines
Watch the volcanos
Watch the Waters

Inside the>STORM<


the ending of trilogy is upon us..
The ending of Long movie…
The moment where hope is lost but in>>> final moments the good guys win( MILITARY STEPS IN) .. The Reveal…

LOTS of open INTEL being dropped/

Every month millions join the Great AWAKENING MOVEMENT
And lost in what is happening.. Give them crumbs and patience..

22 Nation Alliance now 32… Is getting ready to STRIKE
Military x everywhere.. Positioned

Who are [They]

The events in the past year have forced us to see, feel and understand the gates of control that create duality and separation in humanity

The puzzle that opens the gate of Light

The events in the past year have forced us to see, feel and understand the gates of control that create duality and separation in humanity.

I would like to bring you back a few centuries before I can show you the connection between our loss of freedom, rights and the peace in our hearts, to the moment we are navigating right now.

The connection between the Covid smoke screen, the Biden movie and the Ascension of humanity.

The connection that has to erupt in the Event to open the gates and set us free.

Some puzzle questions to elude the thinking Mind, that has been so caught up with election fraud, that we forget to question why and where governments have become dirty with and with what?

Here we go:

What is the relation between royalty, elections, corona, the Vatican, governments and energy?

Why was reincarnation removed from the bible centuries a go?

Why were we led to believe that there is a heaven and there is a hell?

Why are we all growing up with the conditioning of death as the end of existence?

Why was humanity cut of from innate spirituality and separated in religion, race and politics?

Why do we believe God is an institution that can be found in a church?

Why do we believe that Love is something you need to deserve and find in someone else?

God is in you and in me, all around us, everywhere.
God is not out there, judging and ruling.

A long long time a go humanity was led a stray from our innate spiritual abilities and our connection through the earth grid ley lines to the Divine Source.
Deceived by a small group of people.

Separated from the God and Love we all are.
Separated in the dark for centuries.
This small group is know as the Elite.
A dark force that benefits and literally feasts and thrives on the energy of fear and control.

This small group of so called elites, have continued over the course of centuries to control humanity by keeping them controlled under religious and government laws in fear and separation in many, many ways.

Through religion, politics, banking, Hollywood, pharmacy, education, media they have systematically rolled out their agenda of control throughout history.
Into the agenda of the year 2020/2021.
All under the covers of pandemic mind manipulation, defrauding elections laws under the misuse of we the people’s trust.

Nothing is what is seems.

They have build their churches on the earth Ley lines, to block and steel the energies for the purpose of dark control.
These leylines are the earth grid Wifi connected to the Universal ethers for the transmutation of frequencies of Unconditional Love for all.
This is our Life Force Energy!

Religion preaches separation meaning you’re separate from “Source”.
That is all an illusion.

Controlling the mass into believing that humans, this life, the Universe and even God is so much less than what is really our Truth.

Made to believe that we are completely depended of external validation from God and from systems for our survival.
For centuries we have handed over our authority to land lords, royals and rulers.
We have grown blind and accustomed to these control systems.
We have been held into perceiving all this as “normal.
We have been living in a false illusion.

Due to incoming waves of Light and the incarnation of so many old wise autonomous souls over the past decades, times have changed.
We have gradually become more conscious and able to see and hold the Light over the years to withstand and fight the darkness that is now about to fall.

Year by year, step by step we have come closer to the revaluation of the Fall of the Elite.
The revelation from Dark to Light.
This is the Great Awakening.

A flood of Light will remove all darkness once the gates have been opened.
A storm will clear this planet for the heaven on earth that we can create together.

Together we can then build new ways of balance, of peace, of unconditional Love.
It is up to us to navigate this storm, to stay positive and remain in our hearts.