LauraAboli: I believe humanity is undergoing a test, a moral, spiritual, psychological, emotional, physical and mental test

What’s coming is more wonderful than we could ever imagine but we must prove ourselves. We must show we are worthy of the new earth.

The first and easier step was the IQ test, we’ve had to show that we are capable of making the right choices by doing our own research, we had to show that we don’t just blindly follow orders, we had to prove that we can ‘see’, that we are awake and that our instinct works. Something was amiss and we chose to follow our intuition. This was the easier part of the test.

We then had to prove our resilience, our strength and our resolve when we were pushed, coerced, attacked, discriminated and rejected. We are still very much here.

We now must learn to stand in our truth at any cost, to keep walking in the right direction no matter what they throw at us and to never lose sight of our own vision of the future.

But the most difficult part of the test, is that which requires us to rid ourselves from the ghosts of the past, from the baggage that we carry, from the vices that we picked up along the way and from any immoral thought or behaviour. If we aspire to a better world we must become better ourselves.

Humanity has been led astray from virtue and values, to the point that most people can no longer distinguish what is right or wrong, moral or immoral. The lines were blurred, and now we must define them within ourselves, making the right choices at every step we take. The reward is every time you do, you are a step closer not only to where you need to be, but to who you need to be.

The process of becoming your best version is a daily ongoing exercise but it gets easier as you go along and the beauty of it is, that your whole life will transform with you. A better you, makes a better us, which makes a better world.
Let’s get started!

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