The study of Bible prophecy

The Importance of Eschatology (the study of Bible prophecy) and Introducing This Series

by Michael Sullivan

Many Conservative Christians have come to understand that we can’t put a blind trust in many of the scientific or medical “experts” when it comes to climate change, Covid, the lockdowns and the follow-up toxic so-called “vaccines.” 

Putting trust in bought off well polished political “experts” has also proven to be worthless at many points in this Nation’s journey.  Clearly the world hasn’t ended every 10-12 years with the “climate crisis” simply being a Communist fear tactic to introduce a carbon tax and that being a means of controlling freedom loving individuals. 

When the “climate crisis” did not produce the desired effect mask mandates, Covid lockdowns, and “vaccines” became the means by which the New World Order and opportunistic Democrat Socialists used and continue to use to bankrupt the middle class redistributing the wealth of our great country to corporations and globalist banks – all the while seizing power for themselves. 

Becoming an “expert” in these fields and peddling the Globalist lies have made many rich.  For an example Vice President Al Gore has made millions peddling the theory that the world is going to end every 10-12 years because of “climate change” in a continuously changing repeated cycle.

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