Laura Aboli – We are in the middle of a multidimensional war

We are in the middle of a multidimensional war. A geopolitical, spiritual, physical, emotional and psychological war. However there is an important peculiarity about this war of outmost importance; all the different dimensions are actually dependent on one thing, and one thing only – our perception of truth and therefore reality.

Those wanting to increase and consolidate their power over us, know that in order to achieve their objectives they must, above all, control our perception. To this endevour they have dedicated masses of resources, knowledge of the human psyche, manpower and time.

At the end of the day, their dystopian goals require of our collaboration, our compliace and obedience, and for that they need to manipulate all aspects of the manufactured ‘reality’ we are exposed to, so that our perception of ‘truth’ is based on their lies.

The reason for their push towards transhumanism is so that in the future their manipulation of our perception and behaviour can be done at the switch of a button.

In a nutshell, they want to sever our connection to God and connect us to their cloud; the so called ‘Internet of Things’, where we are just one more ‘thing’ connected to a massive 5G web. Completely controlled, surveyed and enslaved.

The good news is, that given it all depends on our ignorant and wilfull collaboration, the way to crush their goals is simple: let’s wake up and say ‘no’.

The challenge of course, lies in waking up the very large portion of the population that live in a total hypnotic state of fear, denial and indoctrination.

So when you feel anxious and frustrated with the increasing madness that surround us, and you ask yourself, ‘what can I do’!?

Just know that the only thing you can do, is plant seeds of knowledge whenever you can (gently and politely), so they may germinate in others and hopefully spread.

The nightmare ends when we wake up in mass, it’s as simple as that. So let’s keep making some noise! 😊🙏🏻❤️

When We Succeed This Story Will Be Known To The Whole World!

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The shift is real, and it’s happening in our world

The shift is real, and it’s happening in our world. The way we perceive the world, ourselves, and others will be radically different once we have fully made this shift.

The shift is from duality to Oneness, from ego to higher self, from fear to love… and most importantly, the false reality has been replaced by a new reality that is much more aligned with who we truly are as human beings living on this planet… A beautiful place where everyone can thrive!

Part of the old reality is collapsing, but we should not be fooled by the illusion.

We are living in a time of radical change. The old reality is collapsing, and we are watching it crumble before our eyes.

The new world that is emerging from this collapse is based on love, connection, collaboration, and cooperation instead of competition and separation.

The illusion that people are not ready to move into this new world has been created by those who benefit from keeping things as they are—a wealthy elite few who control most of the money and resources in our society—and perpetuated by many well-meaning individuals who believe that everyone needs to have more material things before we can enter into a state of peace and harmony with each other and nature.

What we need more than anything else right now is clarity about what’s happening around us so we can make informed decisions about how best to participate in creating a better future for ourselves and others while transitioning out of the old paradigm that no longer works for us or anyone else living here today!

This new reality is based on freedom, unconditional love, individual expression, and Oneness.

The shift is happening in each of us, within our own consciousness. It’s changing the way we see ourselves and others on a global level. The shift is not just a personal process; it’s also an internal revolution that has been going on for thousands of years and will continue until the end of time.

The shift is happening in our world: more people are waking up to their true potential and stepping into their power as creators of reality with every breath they take; we are seeing more compassion towards others and the Earth; more awareness about how connected everything truly is; less judgment towards others based on race, gender, or sexual orientation; there’s so much goodness arising from this change!

There’s also another side to all this, though, which isn’t so pleasant… It turns out that some people don’t want change! They’re scared because everything seems so new, and they’ve grown accustomed to their old ways by now (even though these ways don’t serve them anymore).

Because these folks don’t want anything new coming into their lives, they resist evolution at any cost! They’ll do whatever it takes to keep things exactly how they are now, even if it means causing harm to themselves and others around them.

It’s all about stepping into our own power and taking responsibility for everything that we create in our lives and experiences.

 It’s all about stepping into our own power and taking responsibility for everything that we create in our lives and experiences. Only from this state of pure being can we make a real shift within ourselves and shift reality around us.

This doesn’t mean that there are no more problems or challenges; it just means that life will become easier as we learn how to cope with them. Instead of being caught up in thoughts about what could go wrong or what has gone wrong in the past or worrying about your financial situation, you can focus on creating positive outcomes by taking action now!

You can choose to act on an intention instead of reacting to something else that might not serve you at all.

We tend to spend most of our time thinking about things that haven’t happened yet, which leads us away from experiencing joy right now because we’re too busy worrying (or worse, complaining).

When we spend too much time thinking about what hasn’t happened yet-whether, it’s positive, or negative-then this becomes our reality because these thoughts will manifest themselves into physical reality through synchronicity, so be careful what kind of energy you put out there into existence before anything happens first hand!

The time has come for each one of us to follow our inner guidance and use our own gifts to help others raise the vibration of the planet!

Your role is to BE. Remember that you are a unique expression of Source and that your contribution to the whole is unique, just as every other person’s contribution is also unique.

Each one of us has an important role to play in this shift, no matter how small or large our gifts may be. It is time for each person on this planet to follow their inner guidance and use their own gifts and talents for the benefit of all!

Each one of us plays an important role in creating a better world.

We can be more helpful by listening to our inner guidance, following it, and being fully present with what is happening at the moment.

Each of us has unique gifts that can help the world. By following our true purpose, we can help to create a better future for everyone.

We love you dearly.
We are here with you.
We are your family of light.

Aurora Ray

The essential nature of this shift in human consciousness has been referred to as “quantum evolution” by some and “ascension” by others

It is a moment of spiritual realization or insight. It is an interaction, an actual experience with the infinite, and you may feel it in your body as a moment of inspiration, a moment of clarity, or insight.

The essential nature of this shift in human consciousness has been referred to as “quantum evolution” by some and “ascension” by others.

It is our contention that all things are connected and that we are one singular unified consciousness: infinite and eternal. Each of us is a fractal of the whole, which creates the illusion that we are separate beings, but we are not separate; each individual being has its place within the greater whole.

If this were not true, then our entire perception would be flawed. There could be no connection between anything and anything. Due to our own misguided perception, the universe could not exist, nor would any living creature ever come into existence. All living creatures would have ceased to exist long before they could have come into being.

The paradigm shift.

Now that you have a clearer idea of what the term means let’s examine how this shift has unfolded in the past. The understanding that we live on a globe was at first extremely challenging to accept—it was such an incongruent paradigm shift in terms of how we had previously held our world.

The same is true with the current paradigm shift of ascension. Many people cannot allow themselves to hold an understanding of our world that is completely different from what they were taught as children – and yet, every day, it becomes increasingly clear that there is more available to us than simply “what you see is what you get.”

The gift of self-awareness.

• The gift of self-awareness is the ability to know who we are, what we do, and why, which enables us to reach our full potential.

• The ability to think and learn gives us the freedom to choose what we want in life and how to achieve it.

• The ability to make choices and decisions gives us control over our destiny.

• The ability to be aware of our own thoughts and feelings allows us to become more conscious of others’ thoughts, emotions, needs, and desires as well.

Incredible human potential.

You, as a human being, have incredible potential. You live in an amazing time on Earth where you have the opportunity to discover for yourself what that means and how to activate it. The greatest potential resides within our mind, body, and spirit. Tapping into this potential offers us an enhanced quality of life and provides us with the capacity to create anything we desire.

The possibilities are endless when we utilize the power that is innate in each of us. Humans have always strived to achieve their maximum level of success in every area of their endeavors. We all want to be happy, healthy, and at peace with ourselves, others around us, and the world we live in. We long for a better existence; we are not satisfied with just getting by! It is exciting to realize that your ability to successfully do this already exists within each one of you!!!

Free will, creation and destiny.

The universe is a vast and mysterious place, but it’s also one that we can influence. We don’t know what the future holds, but if we want to make an impact and fight against the dark forces of evil, we must do whatever it takes to keep this planet safe. We must believe that humans have free will and that everyone has their own destiny. This is our mission to find out where the universe stands in its development and what role humanity plays in it.

Set against this backdrop are two sides of human existence: those who see themselves as free agents who choose their own paths and those who believe they are predestined by fate or nature to follow a predetermined course no matter how hard they try. These opposing forces are at work in the world today, shaping humanity into different things in different places for different reasons. The question is whether these people are acting for good or whether they’re being used by something more powerful than they are—whether our every decision is predetermined by destiny or whether there’s room for us to make our own choices on what we want with our lives.

An answer to the purpose of life.

• The purpose of life is to create.

• The purpose of life is to learn.

• Experience is the purpose of life.

• The purpose of life is to become aware.

• The purpose of life is to evolve.

We have an incredible opportunity right now!

We are experiencing a new era of human, planetary, cosmic, universal, and spiritual evolution.

You are not just in the universe; you are an integral part of the universe.

The Earth is ascending into a new realm of experience, and so is humanity. You have a role to play in this evolutionary event, but only if you choose to play your part and awaken to your true potential. Spiritually speaking, we are all one being: one collective consciousness experiencing itself subjectively in many different forms. Together, we make up the collective whole that is humanity. As part of this collective whole, you have something unique and special to offer this world at this time. We need you now more than ever.

Evolution is inevitable.

You are a master creator! The rate of creation is accelerating as you become more and more aware of this ability to create your reality. Your awareness of your power is expanding exponentially as you move into higher states of consciousness. Whether you want it or not, evolution is inevitable!

We are in a critical shift in humanity. Now is the time to choose your destiny. If you want to stay on Earth, now is the time to decide how that will look for you and all humanity. The decisions made over the next few months will determine what kind of world we live in for the next millennium. The choices being made now will decide whether humanity continues to exist on this planet much longer or moves into extinction through continued greed and disregard for life’s sanctity on all levels.

There is no time to waste – if you want a new way forward for humanity, you must be willing to embody it! Without humans willing to take a stand for their own personal power and truly step up into their mastery and ascension, there can be no change.

We love you dearly.

We are here with you.

We are your family of light.


Aurora Ray

Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

Laura Aboli: The time for excuses is over, we are fast approaching our reckoning time

Every bump along the road is trying to shape you into something better; every tear, every cry, every bruise, every sigh, every piece of broken heart, is trying to make you wiser, stronger, more resilient, more empathetic, more tolerant, and more understanding.

We don’t grow from the good times, we grow from hardship. The sooner you acknowledge this, the sooner those difficulties become an opportunity to show what you’re made of, a chance to learn something new, a test of your personal evolution.

Humanity as a whole is currently undergoing one of these tests. It’s a mental test, a moral test, a physical and most of all, a spiritual test.

Our courage, our resolve, our common sense and our faith are being put to the test. Many will fail. Whoever des not open their eyes soon and transcends the lies, will pay (is paying) the ultimate price.

It’s a harsh wake up call, the alarm bells had been ringing for a long time, the signs were up to warn us, the ugly truth lay right there staring back at us but we were at best, too innocent to see, and at worse too cynical, too corrupted, too lazy and too lost to face it.

The time for excuses is over, we are fast approaching our reckoning time, and there will be no hiding behind ignorance or possessions, no pushing blame to others, no rain check.

Be grateful therefore if the hardship and pain you have endured thus far, have made you become someone aware of this reckoning. You stand a far greater chance to make it through the storm.

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I wish I could tell you to ignore all of this, to live your lives, go about your business and be happy

[Forwarded from LauraAboli (Laura Aboli)]
I wish I could tell you to ignore all of this, to live your lives, go about your business and be happy, but that’s exactly what got us here, and if we keep ignoring things, we will end up owning nothing, and no, we won’t be happy, and no, I don’t like bugs, and no, I don’t want to be a serf on a miserable universal income.

The time of ignorant bliss is over, they kept us entertained with nonsense so we wouldn’t see what was really happening, but little by little, inch by inch, we were being encircled, trapped, poisoned, brainwashed and hypnotised to think things had to be this way.

There’s no more time for ignorance, the music must be faced, the realities confronted, and the walls of our mental prison must be brought down just like Joshua did in Jericho. We must blow our trumpets loud and clear, not just 7 but 7 billion of us, and the walls of the matrix will come down in an instant.

This battle is won with knowledge, with awareness, with consciousness, with courage and faith. It is won with righteousness, with conviction, with determination and with love.

We can no longer afford to hide our heads in the sand, we can no longer pretend others will fight for us and we can no longer assume things will be ok if we don’t do our share.

We can and we must contribute to positive change by changing ourselves, by speaking out, by not complying, by saying ‘no’, by claiming our sovereignty, by shining our light and by singing in tune with the symphony of the creator.

Those that chose to believe the lies, that took the easy route of compliance, that allowed fear to guide them, that ignored their better judgement, that did not listen to their intuition, now have poison running through their veins and a tougher journey to take. Let’s help them heal, let’s warn others and let’s save the children. The time is now.

We have a mission, we have a duty, we have to gain the knowledge to save ourselves and everyone around us. Keep planting the seeds, keep shining your light and keep singing the song of life, of love and freedom.