Laura Aboli – In times of information overload, deceipt, manipulation and fakery, we must cultivate and trust our intuition 

I have realised that as you evolve your intuition sharpens.The higher your frequency, the stronger your intuition.

This is a journey that for most, starts with discovering the truth behind worldly affairs but it inevitably leads to understanding the truth about ourselves, this is really the point of it all; remembering who we are, that we are powerful, divine, spiritual beings having a physical experience.

Your perspective of everything changes once you truly embrace this notion and then you’ll know that you know and you don’t know how you know, but you do. Then the magic begins.

Never stop seeking truth, it does set you free.

Laura Aboli – We are in the middle of a multidimensional war

Intellectualism as a serious handicap – Open your mind to change

Dr Robert Malone – mRNA Vaccines & 5th Generation Warfare

We are in a spiritual war (like it or not)

The battle we presently face is one which seems to have raged throughout human history. Who gets to labour in the fields under a hot sun, versus who enjoys the feasting afterwards, gorging themselves on fine wine and nubile bodies? There have always been high rewards for psychopathy, and awful costs to slavery.

The harsh discovery is how the problems of modernity — like debt slavery from usury — can be traced back for millennia. We are in a long-term war of attrition and subversion by competing factions, and humanity’s present challenges have Babylonian (and earlier) origins. It’s a simple byproduct of how our deepest (manipulated) beliefs are those which have been around the longest (e.g the role of money and debt in society).

Without understanding deceptions that come from ancient history, few of the present hoaxes can be fully perceived. American artist Suzy Kassem captures this well from a modern Gen X perspective:

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