The Evolution Of Consciousness

It’s difficult to understand that the world is changing if all you see is chaos and destruction. But working covertly behind the scenes, unseen for years, are countless groups of Lightworkers who are accelerating the evolution of consciousness.

Lightworkers are individuals who have come to Earth to establish peace and harmony, serve the poor, heal the planet, and bring about a new age of love and understanding. Although most Lightworkers were incarnated recently on this planet, your soul has been on many other planets in many other lifetimes.

Events can be interpreted in many ways, but when you understand the higher laws and know the divine purpose, you see events in a completely different light.

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The Return Of Christ Consciousness

Many spiritual texts, many religious texts have spoken about the return of Christ. We are in the time of this occurring but not in the context that many people understand. The church whom I call the Great Liar true ambition is to control the human psyche through fear while completely manipulating its true meaning. The “Christ” is not a single human being as humanity has been told through organized religious interpretation. Meaning, Christ or a man named Jesus is one person and upon his return humanity will be saved.

But, in actuality, Christ consciousness is an intelligence field and is a layer in our spiritual evolutionary development. This layer of spiritual development is something humanity has never experienced before in this density.

We have never experienced this frequency of light in this 3D existence. This dark arconic element that has been controlling this reality for thousands of years and has been doing everything in their power to keep this frequency from penetrating this planet. This is how they’ve been continuing their particular agenda, this particular timeline.

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The Truth About Spirit

Spirit is incapable of being harmed by anyone or anything. One can deny the Spirit, but the lack of recognition of Spirit does not repudiate the Spirit. The Spirit is conscious and pure of functional intent. The Spirit always inspires us. The Spirit is always true to form which is free from the confines of mentality, physicality, and emotionality. The Spirit affects our mind, body, and emotions deeply. The Spirit is freely flowing throughout the Cosmos and always presented at the perfect time.

When our conscious brains deny our Spiritual nature we become enslaved to the constraints of a limited Consciousness by disallowing our Awareness to feel True Love. When this occurs, we suffer emotionally. When we disrespect the reality of our physical state of being, we will suffer mentally. Such disorders cause much distress, anxiety, and even terror. With sustained levels of any type of fear, mental breakdowns become inevitable. Being out of balance emotionally or mentally causes stress on our physical bodies in the form of disease, and illness.

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Ashtar: Affirm To The Higher Self Your Choice

Dear brothers of the planet Earth! I am ASHTAR SHERAN!
I come here today to bring you good news. There is nothing to worry about anymore, the weapons have all been destroyed. So now we will begin a new phase, the phase of the liberation of the surface. Actually, this phase has already started a long time ago. We have not been standing still waiting for the internal process to finish before coming to the surface. Many actions have already been taken on the surface of your planet, however, the great thinking minds and major representatives of those who dominated them, are still around the planet. And the process of simply removing them from power, is not an easy and simple process, because it is like a cartoon where we take them out and they put them back in.

So many of the people that you see today are no longer the real people, they are clones of the people who once played that role. So ending this whole farce is the big goal now. To end the lies, to end the control, so that we can actually start the process of Ascension. But not the actual ascension, of you migrating to the Fifth Dimension. There is still much to be done, there will still be many changes on your planet, for the event to actually happen.

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Massive Activations For Starseeds


There is a mass pineal activation going on that got amped up about a week ago. I saw how so very many could not see and still needed “proof”. I was then shown/saw how visibility would be coming forth for all who had not previously been able to see.

The pineal gland gives us vision that we did not have before. The opening up of this fully does require the head to be affected dramatically for this. Cranial expansion & jaw realignment, and what the human calls migraines/headaches are just a minimal part of this. These photonic light activations occur inside of your head. When they are triggered to activate, the “breaking open” requires much perceived pain. There are many ways to assist with this, rather than “think” something is wrong and try to fix it (human).

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