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About the book The Great Awakening

The Great Awakening is just that! Author Peter B. Meyer makes it sobbingly clear that, unless we, as responsible adults, don’t take action now, the impact on ourselves, our children, the future generation will be irreversible and nothing short of disastrous.

What impact? The answer is ominously wide reaching, including socioeconomic, educational, cultural and environmental aspects. What makes Peter’s message hard-hitting is that this is no mere theorizing but comprises hard facts supported by statistics and references taken from alternative professional literature, websites, journals, and reports.

For example: The family is the foundation and cornerstone of the very structure of our civilization. No other institution in the last six decades has been neglected as much as the ‘nest’ where our children are born, cared for and educated. Be aware, that the Hidden Government purposely destroys the family structure, and employ the drug culture for their own profit, to financing black operations like terrorist attacks.

With single parent families increasingly becoming the norm, what impact is this trend having on children? The answer is frightening, still more when economics is considered.

This book covers several distinct subjects like social aspects, debt-based monetary system, geopolitical changes, financial manipulation, and a variety of other economic areas, the welfare state with its ‘cradle to grave’ subsidy programs, and the intentionally rigged markets is blamed, for the global economic crisis, leading to widespread bankruptcy among governments in the industrialized world.

The Illuminati – minded globalists returned to their pre WW1 – plan of gaining power, control, and profits by pitting a socialist East against a capitalist West, called the Cold-War. In 2008, the world intentionally was put into an inflationary depression, by creating more austerity and suffering for humanity. The Illuminati control the process of government, the process of information flow, the process of creating money, and finally control Christendom.

The public should be clearly explained that their government commits fraud, lies and deceits. That urgently changes are required in governance, the necessity of a ‘self help’ economy, and a free market of supply and demand – in which personal initiative and care are the main ingredients – that should replace the existing one. People should understand that wars are plotted decades in advance and are orchestrated to achieve the destruction of nations, depopulation, demoralization, and of course, power and profit for the 1% super-rich; that is the Illuminati and its Deep State a Satanic cult to prey on mankind and to establish their permanent hegemony. For that reason, today the nations of the world owe the Central Banks trillions based on money that they printed for the cost of paper and ink. They have established a thinly disguised dictatorship, using sophisticated methods of social and mind control. This also is the true meaning of the ‘War on Terror’. It is not directed at ‘Muslim terrorists’. It is directed at you and me. They are creating famines, wars, rumours of war, whereas the people no longer are having the freedom that once was theirs.

The first step to world wide improvement is to abolishing all Central Banks, the unbacked monetary system, central-planning, and fractional reserve banking. Then life on Earth will be much better as is experienced until today.

Throughout the book. The author not only sets the scenario, gloomy as it is, but thankfully also suggest the remedy as well.

It is up to you, the reader, to spread the message and help change our course. For the sake of ourselves and our children, the author urges to take action now and, better still, he tells how to go about it…!


Download The Great Awakening Book

Table of contents

  1. This crisis will turn into a depression
  2. Democracy & government
  3. Anarchy for democracy
  4. The welfare state
  5. How the deep state rules the world
  6. The illusionary world
  7. A corrupt financial system
  8. The deep state and their secret agenda
  9. War, threats and fear keep the sheep under control
  10. Geopolitical changes and financial collapse
  11. ISIS, Proxy army of the deep state
  12. Global chaos
  13. The secret power that rules the world
  14. The Illuminati and their agenda
  15. Rule by secrecy
  16. The decaying society in which we live
  17. Unveiling the Khazarian secrecy
  18. The world deliberately destabilised
  19. Better off without a government
  20. Monetary reserve system investigated
  21. Fractional Reserve Banking scam explained
  22. Criminal Money Swindlers
  23. More debt does not solve debt problems
  24. It’s all about money
  25. The risks due to money out of nothing
  26. Debt
  27. Austerity
  28. Interest rates ZIRP and NIRP-consequences
  29. Currency battles – The Race to Zero Value
  30. Only the gold standard can save the world from disaster
  31. Banksters are criminals
  32. SDR – The new world order currency
  33. Close all central banks of the world
  34. A frightening future
  35. All that is wrong with the financial system
  36. The national debt story is a hoax
  37. Locked up in the EU world prison
  38. History and truth about the EU superstate
  39. The deception of the European Union
  40. A view into the future
  41. The blatant climate lie
  42. How the populace is being poisoned
  43. The shape of the economy is different from what is being told
  44. What is real wealth?
  45. Fake growth without recovery prospect
  46. Your standard of living destroyed
  47. The flations
  48. Take your freedom back
  49. Gold, the answer to the global crisis
  50. Breach of trust
  51. Forms of money
  52. The final wakeup call

Download The Great Awakening Book

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