Dr. Judy Mikovits “WARNING TO HUMANITY!”

Watch on Bitchute https://www.bitchute.com/video/qhjNWjiz47tG/

You can reach Dr. Judy Mikovits : TheRealDrJudy.com

More about >Vaccines
Red Pill (Understand the war that’s going on)
Ascension (Connected to whats going on)

[Forwarded from]
FAUCI > colleague [ EXPOSES ] the AGENDA directly//

“KILL the people they ( FAUCI/CDC/NIH ) been experimenting on for decades! KILL the gays!
KILL the IV drug users! KILL the Blacks! KILL the military! KILL children with autism! KILL the mentally ill! ” -Dr.Judy Mikovits

The design of the vaccines activates all the placed poisoning in the water, chemtrails, foods, medications
And activates sickness in the body and attacks the immune system and breaks it down …

For those of you that are discovering Dr. Judy Mikovits for the first time.. She is a powerful WHISTLE BLOWER and connects ANTHONY FAUCI to 1984 explosion of man made epidemics

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