NEWS/Quick reads 18th March 2023


_PRISON FOR FAUCI! Furious Fauci lashes out at Elon Musk and GOP leaders calling for his arrest over COVID origins
_Banks are hiding $620 billion in losses, creating a ticking time bomb of financial disaster
_Here We Go… First Republic Bank Plunges 66% in Pre-Market – Western Alliance Bank Down 62% – Customers Line Up in California
_Silicon Valley Bank Crisis: The Liquidity Crunch We Predicted Has Now Begun
_The BLACK SWAN has arrived for crypto – from here, it’s contagion, contagion, contagion
_Silicon Valley Bank collapse biggest since Great Recession as FDIC promises to cover ALL deposits, not just first…
_Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel knew there was going to be a “pandemic” before anyone even heard the word covid
_New J6 Bodycam Footage Shows “Rioters” Peacefully Exit Senate Chamber “God Bless The Men & Women In Blue”
_Wells Fargo Customers Have “Incorrect Balances And Missing Transactions” Due To An Absolutely Massive “Nationwide…

Ripple Effect

Situation Update, Mar 13, 2023 – The Non-Bailout BAILOUT commences – banking system flooded with BILLIONS in liquidity to DELAY total collapse

Situation Update, Mar 13, 2023 – The Non-Bailout BAILOUT commences – banking system flooded with BILLIONS in liquidity to DELAY total collapse

  • Janet Yellen announces Treasury “backstop” of deposits for THREE failed banks
  • FDIC says it will use its Deposit Insurance Fund (DIF) money
  • Claims “no taxpayer money” will be used for bailout – but it’s A LIE
  • FDIC only has $100 billion max, and bailouts will cost MORE
  • After FDIC burns through cash, Fed will PRINT money for bailouts
  • Banks encouraged to act recklessly, running risky bets that fail
  • We’ve entered the chapter where Fed prints money to bail out all the failed banks
  • This will cause #inflation and dollar devaluation – currency collapse
  • There are nearly $10 TRILLION in bank deposits across the USA
  • Over $300 trillion in derivatives exposures among banks
  • FDIC has already burned through all its cash as of today
  • How will FDIC cover the NEXT bank collapse?
  • Rational people will pull money out of banks to reduce risk of exposure to collapse
  • More people will move to gold, silver, crypto, ammo and other hard assets
  • As Fed raises interest rates even higher, more banks will fail
  • Controlled demolition of the banking sector and the US economy

Yet another blow to UK’s struggling High Street as Barclays announces it will shut 14 more branches: Latest round of closures means more than 100 local banks are shutting for good this year – so is yours on the list?
Regulators Shut Down Another Bank In Race to Contain Fallout From Silicon Valley Bank Collapse

Home Depot Co-Founder Issues Strong Warning to Everyday Americans After ‘Woke’ Sillicon Valley Bank Collapses
Furious Fauci Lashes Out at Elon Musk and GOP Leaders Calling for His Arrest Over COVID Origins
This is What SVB Chief Did Shortly Before Bank’s Collapse
FDIC auction of Silicon Valley bank underway, Elon Musk is open to purchasing the institution.
Yellen Says Government Will Help SVB Depositors But “No Bailout” As Fed, FDIC “Hope” Talk Of Special Vehicle Prevents More Bank Runs

Signature Bank has been closed by U.S. regulators. New York Department of Financial Services (DFS) has taken possession of the bank in order to protect depositors. This is the second bank in the United States that has collapsed in the last 3 days.

New Autopsy Report Reveals Those Who Died Suddenly Were Likely Killed by the Covid Vaccine ⋆ Brownstone Institute

Dutch Government Sends In Military Trucks and Military Gear as Farmers Plan the Biggest Demonstration Yet After Government Closes 3,000 Farms Due to Global Warming (VIDEO)
KBC Bank to permanently close all but one of its branches in Ireland today
Mexican Cartel Sends Letter, ‘Apologizes’ for Kidnapping and Brutal Murder of Americans
Group Issues ‘Urgent Action’ Warning About Loose Train Wheels in Wake of Latest Incidents
‘Teacher of the Year’ Arrested at School, Charged with Child Sex Abuse and Child Pornography
The death of a climate bank: With the implosion of Silicon Valley Bank over 1,500 climate and energy-tech companies could face problems. In addition, more than 60 percent of community solar financing in the US involved the bank.

NEWS/Quick reads 19th February 2023

General Flynn Don’t think for a second when things happen, it is all one big coincidence. What was it that Oscar Wilde said? Life imitates art far more than art imitates life. @gatewaypundit is on the job!

FLASHBACK: Netflix Premiered Show “White Noise” in 2022 on Ohio Train Crash and Toxic Chemical Explosion, Included East Palestine Residents as Extras — TRAILER INCLUDED

BREAKING – “OUR SH*T IS JUST RIDDLED WITH BUGS” – FOX News Filing Shows DOMINION Knew Its Voting Systems Had Major Security Issues
China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs Slams Biden Regime and Mainstream Fake News Media Over Nord Stream Explosions and Ohio Train Derailment (VIDEO)
WAYNE ROOT: Here’s Your Proof of a Rigged and Stolen 2020 Presidential Election.
SCOTUS to Reconsider Hearing Case Accusing Biden, Harris, Pence, and Other Lawmakers of Violating Oaths by Ignoring 2020 Fraud Allegations
CBS News’ Medical Contributor Offers Bizarre Explanation Why There’s an Unprecedented Spike in Heart Attacks Among Young People
Leaked ATF Docs Reveal ‘Aggressive’ Push To Shut Down Gun Stores
US Says Government, Not Moderna, Should Face COVID-19 Vaccine Lawsuit
Five Top Takeaways From Dominion’s Court Filing in Lawsuit Against Fox News
Michelle Fielding Discusses White Hats Maintain Full Control with Nicholas Veniamin
Pastors Huddle: William J. Federer, “Silence is Consent”

NEWS/Quick reads 5th February 2023

Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy of California demanded the meeting after the balloon was discovered in US airspace.
Israel Investigating Biden Admin Over Artifact
Kevin McCarthy’s Answer on Whether Ashli Babbitt Was Murdered Prompts Response From Trump, Her Husband
GOP Reps Push Bill to Ban China from Purchasing Land in the US
Pentagon: Another Chinese spy balloon over Latin America.
“We are seeing reports of a balloon transiting Latin America. We now assess it is another Chinese surveillance balloon,” press secretary Brig. Gen. Patrick Ryder says.
Fungal Illness That Mimics COVID Could Spread Across US, Experts Warn
Here Are The 100 Congressmembers That Voted Against Resolution to Denounce Socialism
US Official Reacts to China’s Explanation for Why Surveillance Balloon is Hovering Over United States
Hunter Biden Finally Admits Infamous Laptop is His
In case you missed it.

Forecast: Air Currents to Take China Spy Balloon Over US Heartland, Key Naval Base; Biden Refuses to Shoot It Down
US Government Monitoring Suspected Chinese Spy Balloon Over Northern States
368 Arrested, 131 Victims Rescued in Sex Trafficking Operation in California

NEWS/Quick reads

Huge Death Toll After US-Supplied Himars Leveled Russian Barracks In Donetsk, Possibly Hundreds Killed
You Don’t Have To Be A Conspiracy Theorist To Be Worried About The World Economic Forum
NEW – Elon Musk teases Fauci Files will be released this week on Twitter.
Twitter Files reveal social media platform rigged the COVID debate, was complicit in deaths that could have been easily prevented

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_Warning from Ed Dowd: 7,500 Americans are killed or disabled EACH DAY as vax jabs take heavy toll… USA…
_Report claims CIA is directing sabotage attacks inside Russia via a major NATO ally
_Amazon’s iRobot Roomba vacuums caught spying on users, taking photos of them on the toilet and posting to…
_Former Disney Child Star Bella Thorne Blows Whistle on Pedophile Infested Hollywood System
_January 6 Committee Drops Donald Trump Subpoena
_The PfizerGate Scandal: A Shocking tale of a Global Government Plot to hide the COVID Vaccine’s Immune System…
_Pope Benedict XVI reportedly ‘very ill’ as Vatican and Pope Francis ask for prayers

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_WHO converging on Dec. 5-7 to discuss new “Pandemic Treaty” that would unleash a global medical dictatorship _Alex Jones Interviews Wuhan Whistleblower: Proves Fauci Ran COVID Gain Of Function Operation _Fauci Admits His Daughter Worked for Twitter During Pandemic _Sen. Ron Johnson: FBI ‘Preplanned’ Sabotage of Hunter Laptop Story _Planned Famine: Germany Orders Farms To ‘Cease Operating’ As WEF Demands ‘END of Farming’ _BREAKING: Transcript of Fauci’s testimony in lawsuit against Joe Biden was released yesterday _Scientists world-wide debate discovery of Nanotech. found in COVID Jabs & strange Structures found in Blood of… _Netherlands Land Grab: State now threatens to seize 3,000 farms _Chinese Agents Carried Out Large TikTok Campaign to Help Elect Democrats During Midterms

_Ukrainian drone strikes deep within Russia could spark a bigger war involving the US
_Twitter Files Unveil More FBI Collusion
_THE TWITTER FILES: The Removal Of Donald Trump, Part 1
_EU chooses digital ID contractor associated with the UK’s Covid trace system
_Brazilian Military Declare Bolsonaro ‘Supreme Commander of Brazil’ As Troops Execute ‘Treasonous’ Lula da Silva…
_WEF Activists Caught Destroying America’s Power Plants – Media Blackout
_World Renowned Cardiologist Warns Public To Avoid ‘DEADLY COVID Vaccine’ After It Kills His Father
_Bolsonaro Says He’s Ready To Take Command Of Brazil’s Military In Disputed Election
_BlackRock and Vanguard come under fire from 19 US States over ESG ideology
_Dr. Peter McCullough: Covid “vaccines” are a US military program
_Sen. Ron Johnson’s latest COVID conference shows why we must warn others about the dangerous jabs
_DAMNING DOCUMENTS UNCOVERED: CDC directly colluded with Twitter, Facebook to censor free speech
_DON’T SHED ON ME: The covid “vaccinated” are a health threat to the unvaccinated, warns Dr. McCullough
_BREAKING: John Podesta’s niece QUITS Twitter Trust & Safety Council as Elon Musk takes on child exploitation

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Shocking Investigation discovers a World-Wide Shadow Government has infiltrated “Elected” Governments & Public Health Institutions & built a Global Vaccine Regime

U.S. Mission in China is calling on its citizens in the country to “keep a 14-day supply of medications, bottled water, and food for yourself and any members of your household.”

Million Passengers Stranded As Austrian Rail Strike Begins

Breaking Report: The Brazilian military stands with Bolsonaro… is prepared to invoke Article 142…
Bolsonaro has exhausted his legal options, with his election appeal being rejected by a corrupt, opposition-appointed Chief Supreme Court justice.
Bolsonaro is now huddling with the military to plot his next moves.
Brazilian Military Declare Bolsonaro ‘True President of Brazil’ – Media Blackout – News Punch

Quick Read News List 13th June

NEWS/ Quick reads

_Remember when adrenochrome was a “conspiracy theory?” Now it’s conspiracy FACT in the form of “youth transplants”
_Healthy young people now dying en masse across Australia, and the corporate media still won’t dare mention…
_Russia, which is now far more Christian than America, just introduced new law criminalizing “LGBT propaganda” –
_Global food collapse: 49 Million people at risk of experiencing famine or famine-like conditions, warns the FAO –
_Google engineer warns the firm’s AI is sentient
_Top 10 Most Dystopian Things Pushed by the World Economic Forum: No.3 Pills That Contain Microchips
_UNFORGIVABLE – 125 Children Dead, 1K Disabled & 50K injured due to Covid-19 Vaccination in the USA
_How The US Government Is Waging Psychological Warfare On American People
_DailySA: Explosion worsens global liquid natural gas shortages
_Dr. Ben Carson calls for investigation into Biden’s ‘deep relationships’ with CCP

Eyes to

Putins next moves > DECLAS


Quick Read News List 27th April

They censor and hide the truth… Wikipedia deletes entry for Hunter Biden investment firm Rosemont Seneca Partners
One in five container ships is now stuck at ports worldwide, with 30% of the backlog coming from China… the full impact of China’s policies will only begin to reveal itself over the coming weeks.

Chinese Stocks, Yuan, Commodities Crash As Covid Plunges Country Into “Darkest Moment In Decades”

Twitter and Elon Musk In Final Negotiations on Takeover Bid- Deal Could Be Reached Today
Twitter, Elon Musk Deal Could Be Announced Monday – WSJ

Reportedly, Musk will purchase the company for $54.20 per share in a deal valued at $44 billion.
BREAKING: IT’S OFFICIAL! TWITTER IS SOLD! Twitter Shares Halted Pending News of Sale
[Forwarded from] JUST IN – Twitter’s source code has now been locked down to make it harder for current employees to make unauthorized changes to the platform, Bloomberg reports.

Elon Musk logging into twitter

Say no more

Joshua Yoder, an airline pilot and co-founder of the U.S. Freedom Flyers ( said during an interview Wednesday that a cardiologist told him that if the airlines were conducting certain health screenings, 30 percent of the pilots currently flying would probably be disqualified due to vaccine-induced heart conditions.
California Authorities Seize Enough Fentanyl to Kill 20 Million Americans
A Covid-19 testing company in California has agreed to pay over $22 million in fines after they admitted to faking test results to patients.
ABC15 Arizona – Unheard concerns: WHO investigating possible link between COVID vaccine and hearing issues

Exactly, what is going on here

French Election Exposes The Conflict Running Through All Western Societies
Ukraine Bans Bitcoin Purchases With National Currency Amid Martial Law
World’s Top Ship Manager Urges NATO To Escort Commercial Ships Through Black Sea