The whole indoctrination process from birth creates nations of workers not critical thinkers

“Your mind is like a parachute, it doesn’t work if it’s not open.” – Jordan Maxwell

That’s the trouble with the “system”, it teaches dependency, hierarchy, and false knowledge, where your choices are carefully narrowed down to “acceptable” alternatives within carefully confined parameters. The whole indoctrination process from birth creates nations of workers not critical thinkers, just the the way they intend it to be.

It’s never been about health or a cure…its about big pharma and hospitals scheming for profit

  • DOCTOR ADMITS ONCE HE INTUBATES PATIENTS 99% OF THOSE PATIENTS DIED. It’s never been about health or a cure…its about big pharma and hospitals scheming for profit. This doctor calls it “politics.” If a hospital admits a COVID-19 patient, they get paid $13k. If that COVID-19 patient goes on a ventilator, the hospital gets paid  $39k—three times as much.While HCQ is better known, has fewer side-effects, and costs about $20 a dose for out-patients, Remdesivir is a therapeutic course that costs $2,340/patient that has been proven to cause liver damage. Being intravenous, remdesivir requires expensive hospital care (hospital receives an addl $13k from Medicare.) There have been many accounts of hospitals placing non covid patients on Covid Floors, increasing exposure and the hospital’s chance of cashing in more. This is why some hospitals refuse to allow family in. It’s not a “safety” protocol. They don’t want patient advocates.

The Covid Vaccines were more than just a tool for depopulation, they were a significant step into the great reset (Transhumanism). Here we have the evidence that people who took the vaccine have been inserted with MAC addresses (Bluetooth connectivity). In this investigation we learn how this was achieved with big pharma and big tech working together to hoodwink the public.

Human 2.0 ? A Wake-Up About COVID19 Vaccine – Dr. Carrie Madej

Covid-19 Injections – A Gateway to Transhumanism By Dr. Carrie Madej

Lawyer ~ Anna de Buisseret talking about Nuremberg trials

Bob Hawke is not a lone conspirator in regard to ceding this nation to the United Nations and foreign powers

This is Bob Hawke, John Button and Klaus Schwab in 1985.

Not long thereafter Bob Hawke introduced the Australia Act (1986).

Bob Hawke is not a lone conspirator in regard to ceding this nation to the United Nations and foreign powers such as the World Economic Forum.

There are others such as Malcolm Fraser and Gough Whitlam (UNIDROIT) and those such as Daniel Andrews that are being used for the End Game of tyranny they are intending to implement.

This is the reason that Dan Andrews has been anointed to parliament.


These poisons are affecting not only humans, but plant life, insects, birds, animals and fish.

These experts include:

  • A former commercial airline pilot,
  • A former military meteorologist
  • Doctors and Pilots
  • A defence industry technician
  • A speaker from Union of Concerned Scientists
  • And a United States Forest Service Biologist.

This Video is an excellent brief summary of what is being covertly done to our planet and the effect on our health.

Hastings Point Australia And most people are oblivious to it….

Does the US Military “Own the Weather”? “Weaponizing the Weather” as an Instrument of Modern Warfare?

In this link you can find the list of weather modification patents from 1891 to 2003. It’s shocking to see what can be done.

More Videos (Recommended if you want to know)

SENATOR ALEX ANTIC – Criminal offence to administer a Covid vaccine to anyone

Data obtained from South Australian Health under FOI by Senator Antic shows that cardiac-related presentations in South Australian public hospitals dramatically spiked in those aged 15-44 years correlating with the vaccine roll-out.

With this data, as of today – it should be a criminal offence to administer a Covid vaccine to anyone under 45. And any CEO still mandating it to their employees should be jailed.

But as usual the media are covering this up, and not reporting the Senators speech. They have blood on their hands.

Premiere: Died Suddenly Documentary

~ Alex Antic ~

Today I joined with Senator Matthew Canavan, Senator Gerard Rennick and Senator Babet to lodge an order for production of documents in the Senate seeking production of the contracts between the pharmaceutical companies and the Australian government for the provision of the C@VID mRNA injections.

The Australian taxpayer deserves to know the details of these deals including the indemnities given to these companies in relation to the rollout.

You can read the full wording of the Notice of Motion on my website at the link below:

Premiere: Died Suddenly Documentary

Noosa Temple of Satan takes Queensland Government to court over religious classes

Trevor Bell

The debate over religious instruction in schools has emerged in court with a bid to have Satanism classes taught at some Queensland education institutions.

The state government is being challenged in the Brisbane Supreme Court over its refusal to let the Noosa Temple of Satan offer religious instruction at four state schools.

The decision was based on the Education Department’s position that the temple, created in 2019, is not a religious denomination or society, according to a letter written by department deputy director-general Peter Kelly.

But Noosa Temple of Satan leader Trevor Bell has asked the court to set aside the government’s decision by declaring the temple is a religious denomination or society.

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[If I Were the Devil 1965]

Laura Logan: “They are not elite, they are a cult.” “their single objective is to eliminate God.”


What’s important is not the battle is self… But the FULL view of the MILITARY WHITE HATS ALLIANCE OPERATIONS to bring down the GLOBAL CABAL DS

……. Many mistakes and EXPOSURES AND DOCUMENTATION IS ALREADY LEADING TO U.S. MILITARY INTERVENTION……. Near the cusps of CIVIL WAR……… Everything needs to happen this way to wake the sleeping global sheep who are lost in CIA DS MOCKINGBIRD DREAMS…..

The only way to wake the global community is through THE CURRENT GAME THEORY OPERATIONS//// 4th PSYOP Group

• You are now beginning to witness the chess pieces take their final moves before the world truly learns the truth about what has been going on.

We live in times that will be spoken about for thousands of years. Do not fear what is happening. There will be no more war, no agendas, and no more manipulation of our minds. The world will be cleansed and peace will reign throughout all nations on Earth! Humanity will prevail. WWG1WGA

General Mike Flynn – “Don’t be apprehensive for what is coming, and it is coming”

It was advised to have at least ten days to three weeks worth of food, fuel, cash, water and essential items on hand.

NCSWIC – What does that mean Riccardo Bosi [behind the scenes info]

US Marine Corps Apprehending Traitors | US National Guard Deployed | Trump Speech Misdirection

Pandemic Amnesty? Not a Chance in Hell

More The Atlantic calls for ‘pandemic amnesty’ after ‘mistakes’ during Covid response Call for royal commission

Melbourne Teen Choked Unconscious By Security Guard For Not Wearing Mask

They did this…

How to deal with unvaccinated family members this Christmas | 7NEWS

Amnesty? NO

Oops! Sorry For Destroying The WORLD

A serious discussion… C-19 amnesty…

Here is something irrespective of what We The People did or did not know…

FACT versus FICTION is NOT an excuse for:

  • immorality,
  • barbarity,
  • for seeking and demanding the removal of rights of those who hold different beliefs to you,
  • for silently permitting (overtly or through your silence) the destruction of others without consideration.
  • for lying for money or worse to protect yourself over others… ‘yes, the jabs are safe’…
    … so anyone crying for amnesty before a crime has been laid is wanting to get away with MURDER. More >

More The Atlantic calls for ‘pandemic amnesty’ after ‘mistakes’ during Covid response Call for royal commission