Aussie Doctor William Bay, hijacks the Australian Medical Association meeting

30th July 2022 – Aussie doctor, Dr. William Bay, hijacks the Australian Medical Association meeting (where Fauci was making a guest appearance), pleading with his colleagues to join the right side of science, otherwise putting them all on notice.

Most of them fled like flies!

Dr. William Bay apologizes for not speaking out sooner, afraid of losing his livelihood

IT HAS BEGUNAussie Tracks Down Doctor Who Gave Family Member The Vaccine Who Died

We Must Resist the Imposition of the Digital Control Grid


Thankfully some mandates are dropping across the country, but there are still vaccine mandates that persist in schools, colleges, businesses, hospitals, and corporations. Restrictions on doctors who treat COVID, censorship by Big Tech, the unnecessary COVID-19 vaccination of children, silencing of scientific debate, and the extension of the Emergency Powers Act beyond March 1st for the coronavirus pandemic are a few of the main concerns.

GIANT RALLY IN CALI THIS SUNDAY! Truckers Converge with Thousands of Protesters!

There will be a massive national “Defeat The Mandates” rally this weekend in Los Angeles, California.

Truckers from around the country will converge with the masses for a six hour event at Grand Park in Los Angeles, California.

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Berlin Drivers organized a rally of more than 5,000 cars in support of the Russian Federation

BREAKING: Documents Reveal US Department of Defense Was Funding Ukrainian Biolabs — Russia Releases List of Biological Agents Tested in US BioLabs in Ukraine, Including Salmonella and E. Coli