The Eviction Of GOD – Let My People Go – Documentary

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A Spiritual Awakening means to open our eyes to the needs of others and to God’s goodness all around us

It means to rise up in defense of truth and in [defense of the vulnerable]. It means to clothe ourselves in what the Apostle Paul called “the whole armor of God” – surrounding ourselves with truth, righteousness, peace, faith and the Word of God. Such spiritual preparation doesn’t make our troubles go away, any more than armor ends a war – though it does help us to stand strong, no matter what. It gives us hope, perspective and peace during tumultuous times.

illuminati movie from 1927 exposes everything

God Speaks To Those Who Sincerely Want to Hear

God could easily amaze us with loud, imposing demonstrations of His power, but most of the time, He doesn’t. Instead, He whispers gently, quietly, softly. Perhaps this is because He knows that in our chaotic world, what we need the most from Him is peace and He doesn’t want to force it upon us. He speaks to those who sincerely want to hear, who make the effort to hear. That takes great effort. It means striving to mute the noise in our lives, to clear the clutter from our minds and negate pride from our hearts while seeking sacred moments alone with the Lord.



General Flynn all but told us that President Trump is a Wartime President

January 5th, 2021
General Flynn interview with Alex Jones
Key Takeaways:
“Donald Trump will continue to be the President of the United States for the next 4 years.”
“We have clear evidence of a foreign interference, which is all the President’s Executive Order describes.”
“So we are essentially in a National Emergency that the President has already declared.”
“The President of the United States has a responsibility to protect the Constitution.”
“The President has the responsibility, the duty, and the authority to act.”
“There’s something called National Security, and National Security for all intents and purposes is the responsibility of one person, and that’s the United States President.”
What would have been the point of President Trump’s Executive Order if he wasn’t going to use it when our country was attacked by enemies both foreign and domestic?
He never would have walked away.
A Wartime President has extraordinary powers.
Just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not happening.
The Deep State is scared to death and they are going to try to create fear and panic, but there is no escaping this.
Stay calm and do not worry, as this is the greatest military operation in the history of the world.

The Patriots are in control.

Nations In Action – Election Fraud – Maria Zack – Get Involved and Ready Worldwide – Not The militaries job!

Nations In Action –
Nations In ACTIONs Solutions & Strategy Summit [More Videos]

This is how it is done, video below on Mandates. Understand your GOD Given rights
[TREASON] doesn’t end well

Kirk Pendergrass, Law Corner LLC and E Claus LLC – Educational Series Links

No LAWS are being broken, just orders. An order is NOT A LAW.
Mandatory = Not A Law
Mandated = Not A Law
Required = Not A Law
The people need to wake the hell up now and understand their rights.



_This EVENT has already happened ,
( as I had stated several times the past years since 2021 early on. These operations and Continuity of government (COG) is the principle of establishing defined procedures that allow a government to continue its essential operations in case of a catastrophic event such as nuclear war.

In the US, COG is no longer limited to nuclear emergencies; the Continuity of Operations Plan was activated following the September 11 attacks, more over these Operations coincide with the Department of Defense military laws of War that can be activated through Presidential Powers, Executive Orders that execute and addresses Military occupation Chapter 11.3 Laws of War COVERT and OVERT military operations.

It’s now becoming clear to many People and some MAJOR broadcasters as Valuetainment’s
Patrick Bet-David ( PBD)  that TRUMP . MUSK. TUCKER CARLSON are working together behind the scenes. PBD podcast reaches over 30 million people monthly and his podcast show is rebroadcast on thousands of other channels, websites and other browsers through world.  ( a few months ago I gave you DROPS that Major internet podcasts would be ACTIVATED to bring important information and these very different platforms would silently unite. I had also given you DROPS 2 years ago that the distain ROGAN had for TRUMP was FAKE and they had already PLANS for 2023 or 2024 PODCAST together…… Now ROGAN wants TRUMP… And Rogan has been fighting hard AGAINST the deep state the past months with vaccine information and going after Gates. WHO. WEF. SOROS .. Exposing Biden and confirming Hunter laptop and RUSSIA collusion hoax)

_I have stated many times it was important inside military white HATS psychological operations to have many people who don’t like TRUMP or have distain for him publicly to create networks of other Patriot communities and ANONS fighting against [ DS] unknowingly
( middle neutral Americans)  …. And was SUPER IMPORTANT to have RFKJR take control of 30% of the Democratic party and EXPOSE the PLANDEMIC by ELITES.

The vaccines agenda and biolabs and Ukraine WAR exposure and military COMPLEX and BLACKROCK vanguard etc
ECT etc……… >all these different Leaders with their communities were PLANNED to come together in COVERTMil.ops and to unite then slowly… Now the pace is picking up.

MUSK supported Desantis for a reason.. He knew Desantis would fail > . The MASSIVE FAILURE of MUSK TWITTER to launch Desantis
back in May with massive campaign was a PLANNED FAILED OPERATION. >>TWITTER intentionally collapsed that night and Desantis never recovered.

As Jim Jordan goes after FAUCI and has big plans to EXPOSE NIH. RFKJR also has CARDS ♠️♦️ to bring down the FAUCI and help bring in important DISCLOSURE of the creation of the virus.


The Brunson case is being saved for the EXPOSURE of a military COUP that happened through 2020 stolen election.
_ This stolen election SAGA is intensionally connected to TRUMP indictments and to U.S. judges ( PLANTS) going after TRUMP….. These PLANTS were planted long ago to collapse/ EXPOSE the captured u.s. judicial system and weaponized one tiered dnc system in COLLISION with foreign governments, agencies and actors as WEF. DAVOS GROUP. SOROS.

(I had DROPPED many many times that TRUMP was going to get arrested over 3 years ago and this would lead to the EXPOSURE OF A CORRUPT SYSTEM AND EVIDENCE COMING FORWARD………. well that’s happening now as a few other TRUTHERS had shared this importantl info that leads to a MILITARY COUP)

And let’s you know the PHOTO IS FAKE.
( when you are arrested you must look forward with your head up and get three photos. No chin down) … this very obvious PHOTOshop picture would never be released by the Police department.
Military COMMS from TRUMP defying the normal mugshot gives you COMMS it’s ALL FAKE. A SHOW. STAGED A MOVIE

The US has been under Active Martial Law since March 2020

Sky News host Rita Panahi “explosive” Durham Report has exposed not just the lies around the Russian collusion hoax but also showed how “compromised” the FBI and justice department have become.

‘TREASONOUS CHARADE’: Trump reacts to release of Durham report FOX


Impeachment Week – Marjorie Taylor Greene Introduces Articles of Impeachment Against U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland

Biden Crime Family EXPOSED | $10 MILLION from Foreign Nations | New Bank Records REVEALED

Trump responds to the Durham report “It affected the 2020 Presidential election. This is a disgrace”

Australia One Party – New South Wales went to the polls on Saturday 25th March 2023, and the people lost

Very BAD optics for the AEC at the NSW Election 2023 – Australia VOTE Rigging

Watch Riccardo Bosi, leader of Australia One Party on rumble
The Big Steal

New South Wales went to the polls on Saturday 25th March 2023, and the people lost.

The same filth that has been running this state for decades, is still in power. Unless we change, nothing will change.

Please share this message far and wide.

If you voted for Group U in the 2023 NSW State Election, please submit your elector declaration here –

The Big Steal

Watch Riccardo Bosi, leader of Australia One Party on rumble

Very BAD optics for the AEC at the NSW Election 2023 – Australia VOTE Rigging

Riccardo Bosi briefs his supporters for the coming NSW Election

In front of an enthusiastic crowd of freedom loving supporters, Riccardo Bosi outlined some strategy for his group in the run-up to the NSW State Election. Bosi is running as an Independent Candidate with a group of like minded candidates. The World Wide Freedom Rally was held outside the Russian Consulate in Sydney. Attendees were polite and well behaved as has been the case with Sydney Freedom Rallies. With Bosi at the rally were fellow candidates, Jackie George, Franco Todisco and the irrepressible David “Guru” Graham.

How the Real World Works with Riccardo Bosi

Ukraine DENAZIFICATION – Operation Liberation

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