A whole new world ready to be birthed

A whole new world ready to be birthed, created and formed by each…. one that supports humanity through Love, Kindness, Compassion and free of manipulation, coercion, hidden agendas, selfishness/greed, complacency and acts lacking kindness and consideration for each/all.

A whole new world where Unity Consciousness is at the forefront and where each is treated with the respect that every individual deserves.

A whole new world where fear tactics, dividing people and threats to conform are no longer the norm, acceptable or tolerated… one where alternative SOUL-U-tions are offered that free humanity rather than entrap it in another illusion of “pretend freedom” or short term fixes that “appear” to work, yet are never meant to….

A whole new world where all new ways are supported, provided and welcomed…. stemming from the realization that the old ways are not meant to work …. and that there are new ways that eliminate those and rework entire systems/realities to bring peace, balance, equality and a productive society that works together instead of against.

A Whole New World… Living from their own Courageous and Brave Heart…. Caring about each other, stepping up to the plate to BE the DIFFERENCE and make a difference with every ACT.

A Whole NEW World that uplifts, inspires and creates possibilities, opportunities and rewards all who work in service to support humanity, realizing that nothing’s impossible, as those are just excuses that the human ego aspect uses to not take responsibility and actually DO that which is possible…. beyond the limits, constrictions, restrictive ways of the old…. created to limit humanity instead of a flourishing one….
A Whole NEW World that fosters unity, generosity and provides humanity with every possibility to transcend every limit previously believed, unlimited resources and all of the tools to make it happen, instead of coveting, limiting and maintaining control over all of these…

A Whole NEW World that’s so completely possible when all put their hearts and minds into this… No more finger-pointing, no more projecting, no more putting it on “someone else” … (deflection techniques).

A Whole NEW World that provides alternative ways not previously freely made available because it didn’t fit into an agenda-based program or system set up to keep people suppressed and in a certain place.

A Whole NEW World where simple replaces complicated and where decisions come from the Unified Heart-Mind instead of the deeply ingrained separation programming of before….

This Whole NEW World exists already… in the hearts of each one of us. And through each of our individual and combined Energies, we each can make this happen… first in our own little world and then with everyone around us… as it’s just as easy to SPREAD love, kindness, compassion, care and inspiration as was to spread hate and fear, which is what Old Earth realities did…..

A Whole NEW World is not only possible, the templates, codes and plans already exist. It’s just up to each one of us to take a stand, start to implement and fully LIVE THIS OURSELVES and REQUIRE that this be the only reality acceptable…

A Whole NEW World that transcends lack programming, survival mode and fear of everything…

A Whole NEW World that embraces Light, each other and all new ways… CHANGE.

A Whole NEW World that encourages innovation and creative ways that break the limits and barriers of the old…

A Whole NEW World occurs as each holds this fully in their own heart and shifts support to that which accomplishes this for all…. as Love. In every moment, all have a choice… to CHOOSE THIS or the old ways…. to CHOOSE ALL NEW WAYS that look nothing like the old…. and these Light Codes support this to be brought forth from within each…..

A Whole NEW World happens when each shift themselves to a place/space where this is a priority, believed as possible and each is relentless in LIVING THIS NOW…. It’s up to each to go deeper within, beneath the fears, stories and perceptions of less… to unlock that space within their own heart/mind/body where THIS is all that is acceptable… A WHOLE NEW WORLD for all…. NOW.

These Phoenix Frequencies/Energies bring the fire from within, immense inner Power from each’s root core energy vortex/chakra and a RISING up through the spine and each energy vortex to the heart and out the top of the Crown, bilaterally in a 360 degree range throughout each’s Energy Field….

Deep within your whole body’s Universal Heart Center, chambers of your heart unlock. Divine Will, Courage and the Great Central Sun are activated through our SOULar Plexus, where a SUN Dial (Vibrational Energetic Geometric Seal) exists… Bring this Energy fully up your Spine and Blast it out… Sun-charge your body to activate this, speak from your own Divine and Sacred Heart and establish a NEW FOUNDATION, BASELINE for where you function from/live….

When it’s the Pure LOVE of your own Soul and the Power of your own Higher Self/Selves, holding your NEW IN PLACE is a part of the process… and no longer giving way to the old illusions/mentalities/beliefs/ways…. Require that all emanate from Pure Love… Require that all of humanity be included instead of divided and sectioned off. Require that all look beyond the constricting/restricting/controlled ways and open up/implement all new ways that obliterate the old…. Require CHANGE.

Require innate freedoms that were otherwise limited through distortions, misuse of power and self-serving ways. REALize that everyone is capable of opening their own hearts and doing the “right and just thing”… according to Universal Codes that free all and create all new ways.

See your own fears. See your own doubt. See your own programming. See your own everything and everywhere you gave your power away before… See where you just thought you were free, a facade of old earth 3D. See how a matrix system works, an energetic construct that binds or one that constantly shifts, moves, expands and opens up all new ways… and then look with your heart at your entire reality and SEE where you are still binding yourself to limits imposed out of fear, lack, survival mode and a disconnected state inside still…

See the stories you tell as creating and binding or freeing… See any victim mentality (energy) and shift out of this place/space into the Conscious Creator BEing that dictates your own reality based upon your own energy, choices, beliefs and acts…

Go deeper to re-connect with your own Light-Self-Soul aspect, the infinite ONE …. go deeper beneath the programming and reconnect with Pure Love, Pure Peace, Pure Presence and allow your heart to open fully, all of the way, so that your mind will finally dissolve and your muscles/body will completely relax… Breathe this through you fully… and FEEL your ENERGY EXPAND… and then REALize that by holding this EXPANDED STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS you can shift entire realities from within…. and affect the entire world, your world in all new ways and move beyond those limits once believed into the most beautiful realities that already exist….

All you/we each have to do is go deeper inside, reconnect and hold this fully…. and then SEE through our own hearts (and pineal gland) that which is available to all doing this fully as well. It’s not hard, it just takes focus, perseverance, dedication and great care. It’s not hard, it just requires that we all re-prioritize all and shift our own focus/energy to accomplishing and living this now/here……….

Courage. Boldness. Ignites through the Light and Fire within…. and each’s ability to HOLD THE NEW IN PLACE as the foundation for reality to be built upon and then directing/focusing our energy/efforts so that everyone is supported in doing/living this too…. BE THE DIFFERENCE. BE THE CHANGE. THIS MONTH KICKS OFF a massive swelling energy that will continue to go and grow…. as the whole planet moves into this next phase, which only grows more powerful and stronger as we all flow/go…

Excerpts from Lisa Transcendence Brown

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