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The TRUTH is being Revealed… Hold the line.. Stop watching the controlled media >Monopoly<. Take your time and compare these to what you normally watch.

Why Alternative Media? Operation mockingbird

MORE > The evidence that all MSM is scripted and the forces who control their script

You wont see this truth > OAN is putting it all out there!

>[We are at Critical Stages of the Events. Stock up a months worth of Food, Goods and Cash]<

Everyone around you and most online just regurgitates the same twisted half truths and brainwashing. No debate, No critical thinking allowed right [conspiracy] just keep following along with whatever they say. It’s the truth and only truth? Now get Your Monkeypox vax and shut up……

We are at war Cognitive Warfare

>Alternative Mid Size Media

Example real news

Florida Surgeon General Warns mRNA Vaccines Are Killing Men; Top Medical Journal Skews Vaccine Data

Above video Crossroads with JOSHUA PHILIPP on YouTube []
Also see Facts Matter with Roman Balmakov on YouTube

Alternative Mid Size Media (World News) (World News) (News, finance, Economics, World) (Can Switch content to other countries) (USA/World) (USA/World) (World News) (UK/World)
Globalresearch.caAlarming Casualty Rates for mRNA Vaccines Warrant Urgent Action

Major Breaking News that I’ve come across

The COVID Pandemic and the mRNA Vaccine: What Is the Truth? Dr. Russell L. Blaylock >

Exclusive Investigation of Confidential Pfizer Documents finds COVID Vaccination is going to cause Mass Depopulation

Alternative independent

The High Wire – EPISODE 271: THE IMMUNE COMPROMISE (USA/World) (USA full investigative journalism) (USA/World)
The Patriot Light – News Through a Biblical Lens (USA/World) Video’s on Rumble (Australia/World)

WORLD PREMIERE: Conference of Conscience – Australian Doctors Finally Speak Out!

Health, Covid, Vaccines

DR. Jane Ruby Show Latest: Moderna FOIA Bombshell Males Will Be Sterile
Dr. Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc Videos
Dr. McCullough videos

VAERS COVID Vaccine Adverse Event Reports

More about the dangers of >Vaccines and more links here on
Cognitive Warfare – the battle for your mind
How to Detox Spike Protein After COVID or Vaccine

Useful article…

Scientists, Doctors Sue Biden Admin Over COVID Censorship

Deep Dives and general critical thinking research

Amazing Polly,
DEEP DIVE Example: Ukraine: seized by CIA Soros Globalists

Stew Peters Show
Restricted Republic News
Bannons War Room
Steel Truth
Man In America
The Remnant
Info warsThe Alex Jones Show
The Mel K show
And We Know
X22 Report
Patriot Street fighter

Health Ranger Report /

Recommended here on []
We are at war Cognitive Warfare
Red Pill Page
WORLD PREMIERE: Conference of Conscience – Australian Doctors Finally Speak Out!
Global Warming A Hoax

Live / USA

Cool Informative YouTube Videos

Bonfire Guy

You Are Not Alone

Patriot Reminder – Warrior for truth

Rockefeller Lock Step 2010 & Event 201:
Proof That The Covid-19 Scamdemic Was Planned

News EXCLUSIVE: The World Economic Forum planning documents

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