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Fruit From a Poisonous Tree

Here is an excerpt from the introduction:

“Somewhere along the way this plan for a republic went dreadfully wrong. Without any constitutional authority, the republic was transformed into a democracy. Now the President makes law by Executive Order, again without constitutional authority. The Congress is powerless because of fierce partisanship and the constant pursuit of money from the international corporations needed to perpetuate their political lives. The result is that they do nothing to check and balance the other runaway branches of our government. The agencies that were created by Congress to make and enforce regulations and administer the draconian laws of the Congress and the Executive branch now answer only to the diseased, corrupted body of the Executive branch, which answers to no one but the international cartel of bankers, philanthropists and senior level policy wonks. Where did it all go wrong? You are about to find out, and you are not going to like it one bit. “

In the link below you can find a transcript of the book, though I recommend purchasing it.

The New World Order Ralph Epperson 1989 PDF

The Creature From Jekyll Island PDF

Rockerfeller’s LOCKSTEP
For those of us who still haven’t learned the basis plans.

Operation Lockstep Download

DoD Law of War Manual

Riccardo Bosi Australia One - [Raw Truth] Prepare Now! "Worldwide"

THE PLAN TO SAVE THE WORLDUncensored Alternative News Media
5D Ascension

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