The election was stolen, we have all the proof

Fall of the Cabal by Janet Ossebaard (See it all here, many episodes and full researched documentation in every episode)

THE PLAN (Plandemic) Scripted Simulation – 5 Months Prior to the Plandemic

A Shot in the Dark Documentary (Bad Baby Vaccines)

Root Cause (full documentary) on how dentists are making people sick for life by giving them root canals.

Battleground Melbourne Documentary

Europa The Last Battle

New world order: communism by the back door

Monopoly – Who Owns the World (Shorter than the rest at one hour long)

All Wars Are Bankers Wars (one hour long )

Out of Shadows Documentary

Divine Image Destroyed By Christine Beadsworth

How the fiat money system works

Dirty Secrets of the Deep State, Part 1:

Dirty Secrets of the Deep State, Part 2:

Ted Gunderson – The Rothschilds 1776 – illuminati – New World Order (one hour long )


Oliver Stone’s documentaries
Latest 2nd part “Revealing Ukraine” [investigations into the crisis following “Ukraine on Fire”] documentary
First part – Ukraine On Fire – Oliver Stone – 2016

Coming Soon

DEVOLVED | Series Trailer | Coming Soon to

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