Experiences Are Divinely Timed

We often misinterpret the timing of occurrences as being ill-timed. We say things like, “that was bad timing…” or, “I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.” I feel that nothing that occurs to us is ever ill-timed, bad, wrong, or accidental. All experiences occur exactly when they are supposed to. Experiences can possess degrees of friction from annoyingly irritating to horrifyingly painful.

The good news is that we can break the cycle of recycling the same painful experience over and over again. The moment we have the Revelation that pain is not intended as a type of punishment we can begin to understand that pain is a form of communication. What is the pain trying to say? Begin with realizing that the level of pain relates directly with the degree of importance that the lesson is teaching. In other words…the more painful the lesson, the more imperative it is that you pay attention to how you feel in the moment that pain is felt as the resolution of the issue will have an equivalent amount of peace.

We need not wait until the pain becomes unbearable. If we better understand the purpose of friction, we can recognize small degrees of friction before it turns into those high degrees of pain. Instead of ignoring the annoyances, we can become more aware of how we feel by paying attention to what we feel in any given moment.

All of our experiences are Divinely Timed. As we learn how to more efficiently process our feelings, we realize that the power of our Consciousness to cause our reality to occur. This means that we need not suffer any longer unless we wish to feel the relief of resolving intense amounts of Energy that is presented as high degrees of pain.

If each experience is divinely timed, then the implication of what this means is staggering. I can’t help but think about what God’s level of knowledge would have to be, in order for all of these pieces of information to fit so perfectly as they fall into place. It quite simply means that God has these offerings planned out especially for us. God knows us better than we know ourselves and this includes how we will respond or react to the stimuli that is offered.

As we develop our Consciousness and expand our Awareness, we learn how to go from reacting out of fear to responding out of faith. God knows that until we become fully realized and self-aware, we will react in ways that cause others to experience pain. This entire process of Awareness expansion is directly linked to our Free Will.

All Humans can get stuck on the misunderstanding of how God can allow for any being to suffer. We can even ask a question such as…

Why would God cause any being to suffer?

The answer becomes apparently clear…

God would never cause any being to suffer. God does not destroy, God creates.

To better understand the process of Energy transformation is to better understand why all things exist in the Universe. All things are created to serve a specific function. All beings exist for a special reason. All things exist to simply be or they would not occur. By simply being, all things are receiving Energy, transforming it, and recycling it by expressing it.

Some beings consciously choose to become more aware of what they are. Those who become fully self-realized, accept all aspects of their being including every single experience which has led them to have enough of a degree of understanding, that they become aware of what they are. This level of knowing is such that they have enough Faith to persevere while feeling confident that they will fulfill their destiny. Regardless of the specifics of their particular role, they acknowledge that they not only exist for a reason but that their existence is part of the Cosmic Mirror Puzzle. The placement of their Consciousness is perfectly placed in Space and Divinely Timed.

We are all going through the same process as God goes through. This is how God knows what is best for us. This explanation makes perfect sense to me. If it doesn’t resonate with you, that is understandable and even reasonable. I am not here to change what you think, why you believe whatever you do, or how you feel about anything. I will express myself, however, I feel as I am guided to do. I wish to inspire others to do the same as they process the information from their own unique perception, and point of view. Spend your Time wisely by paying attention to how you are currently feeling. Use all of your senses and become more aware of everything that occurs to you.


Michael W. Evrard

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