I wish I could tell you to ignore all of this, to live your lives, go about your business and be happy

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I wish I could tell you to ignore all of this, to live your lives, go about your business and be happy, but that’s exactly what got us here, and if we keep ignoring things, we will end up owning nothing, and no, we won’t be happy, and no, I don’t like bugs, and no, I don’t want to be a serf on a miserable universal income.

The time of ignorant bliss is over, they kept us entertained with nonsense so we wouldn’t see what was really happening, but little by little, inch by inch, we were being encircled, trapped, poisoned, brainwashed and hypnotised to think things had to be this way.

There’s no more time for ignorance, the music must be faced, the realities confronted, and the walls of our mental prison must be brought down just like Joshua did in Jericho. We must blow our trumpets loud and clear, not just 7 but 7 billion of us, and the walls of the matrix will come down in an instant.

This battle is won with knowledge, with awareness, with consciousness, with courage and faith. It is won with righteousness, with conviction, with determination and with love.

We can no longer afford to hide our heads in the sand, we can no longer pretend others will fight for us and we can no longer assume things will be ok if we don’t do our share.

We can and we must contribute to positive change by changing ourselves, by speaking out, by not complying, by saying ‘no’, by claiming our sovereignty, by shining our light and by singing in tune with the symphony of the creator.

Those that chose to believe the lies, that took the easy route of compliance, that allowed fear to guide them, that ignored their better judgement, that did not listen to their intuition, now have poison running through their veins and a tougher journey to take. Let’s help them heal, let’s warn others and let’s save the children. The time is now.

We have a mission, we have a duty, we have to gain the knowledge to save ourselves and everyone around us. Keep planting the seeds, keep shining your light and keep singing the song of life, of love and freedom.



LauraAboli: I believe humanity is undergoing a test, a moral, spiritual, psychological, emotional, physical and mental test

What’s coming is more wonderful than we could ever imagine but we must prove ourselves. We must show we are worthy of the new earth.

The first and easier step was the IQ test, we’ve had to show that we are capable of making the right choices by doing our own research, we had to show that we don’t just blindly follow orders, we had to prove that we can ‘see’, that we are awake and that our instinct works. Something was amiss and we chose to follow our intuition. This was the easier part of the test.

We then had to prove our resilience, our strength and our resolve when we were pushed, coerced, attacked, discriminated and rejected. We are still very much here.

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Laura Aboli: We’ve been made to feel so insignificant and helpless

We’ve been made to feel so insignificant and helpless, that we underestimate the effect that our own individual awakening can have in the grand scheme of things, but I can assure you that the ripple effect of each of our increased awareness is massive.

Everytime you speak truth, make a better choice, choose a healthier alternative, lend a helping hand, think of a better outcome or simply see beyond the lies, you are raising your frequency, you are adding your voice and your resonance, to the collective symphony that will create a new reality for all of us.

Find your individual sound, fine tune it, listen to it from within, allow it to fill you until you can’t contain it, become that which your soul yearns to express and join the rest of us that are playing in the key of life.

The universe is a symphony that has been playing since the beginning of time. God is simply waiting for all of us to synch into it finally, once we do, everything will change instantly.

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The events in the past year have forced us to see, feel and understand the gates of control that create duality and separation in humanity

The puzzle that opens the gate of Light

The events in the past year have forced us to see, feel and understand the gates of control that create duality and separation in humanity.

I would like to bring you back a few centuries before I can show you the connection between our loss of freedom, rights and the peace in our hearts, to the moment we are navigating right now.

The connection between the Covid smoke screen, the Biden movie and the Ascension of humanity.

The connection that has to erupt in the Event to open the gates and set us free.

Some puzzle questions to elude the thinking Mind, that has been so caught up with election fraud, that we forget to question why and where governments have become dirty with and with what?

Here we go:

What is the relation between royalty, elections, corona, the Vatican, governments and energy?

Why was reincarnation removed from the bible centuries a go?

Why were we led to believe that there is a heaven and there is a hell?

Why are we all growing up with the conditioning of death as the end of existence?

Why was humanity cut of from innate spirituality and separated in religion, race and politics?

Why do we believe God is an institution that can be found in a church?

Why do we believe that Love is something you need to deserve and find in someone else?

God is in you and in me, all around us, everywhere.
God is not out there, judging and ruling.

A long long time a go humanity was led a stray from our innate spiritual abilities and our connection through the earth grid ley lines to the Divine Source.
Deceived by a small group of people.

Separated from the God and Love we all are.
Separated in the dark for centuries.
This small group is know as the Elite.
A dark force that benefits and literally feasts and thrives on the energy of fear and control.

This small group of so called elites, have continued over the course of centuries to control humanity by keeping them controlled under religious and government laws in fear and separation in many, many ways.

Through religion, politics, banking, Hollywood, pharmacy, education, media they have systematically rolled out their agenda of control throughout history.
Into the agenda of the year 2020/2021.
All under the covers of pandemic mind manipulation, defrauding elections laws under the misuse of we the people’s trust.

Nothing is what is seems.

They have build their churches on the earth Ley lines, to block and steel the energies for the purpose of dark control.
These leylines are the earth grid Wifi connected to the Universal ethers for the transmutation of frequencies of Unconditional Love for all.
This is our Life Force Energy!

Religion preaches separation meaning you’re separate from “Source”.
That is all an illusion.

Controlling the mass into believing that humans, this life, the Universe and even God is so much less than what is really our Truth.

Made to believe that we are completely depended of external validation from God and from systems for our survival.
For centuries we have handed over our authority to land lords, royals and rulers.
We have grown blind and accustomed to these control systems.
We have been held into perceiving all this as “normal.
We have been living in a false illusion.

Due to incoming waves of Light and the incarnation of so many old wise autonomous souls over the past decades, times have changed.
We have gradually become more conscious and able to see and hold the Light over the years to withstand and fight the darkness that is now about to fall.

Year by year, step by step we have come closer to the revaluation of the Fall of the Elite.
The revelation from Dark to Light.
This is the Great Awakening.

A flood of Light will remove all darkness once the gates have been opened.
A storm will clear this planet for the heaven on earth that we can create together.

Together we can then build new ways of balance, of peace, of unconditional Love.
It is up to us to navigate this storm, to stay positive and remain in our hearts.

Roe v. Wade OVERTURNED! – Alliance Defending Freedom

Dear friend,

Roe v. Wade is gone.

In a generational win for Alliance Defending Freedom and the pro-life movement, the U.S. Supreme Court in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health finally overturned the disastrous, deadly Roe v. Wade.

All thanks be to God! This is a decision of a lifetime that will save tens of millions of lives.

The stakes could not have been higher. Roe led to the death of more than 2,360 children in America every single day. But now Roe is gone—and more children will live full, unique lives.

ADF was honored to serve on the Mississippi legal team defending the law at the Supreme Court in Dobbs.

From working with Mississippi lawmakers and Governor Bryant to draft and enact the Gestational Age Act in 2018 to helping defend this important law with the State of Mississippi all the way to the Supreme Court, ADF has been privileged to ensure that women and their unborn children are protected and cherished in Mississippi.

We rejoice in the decision, which not only upholds Mississippi’s law protecting unborn babies beginning at 15 weeks but also allows states to once again fully protect unborn children at all stages of their development, empower and protect mothers, and promote a culture of life.

The decision overturns nearly 50 years of egregiously wrong legal thought and puts an end to the Supreme Court’s immoral justifications for the intentional killing of tens of millions.

Lives are now being protected in Mississippi and other states all over the country as a direct result of the Supreme Court’s decision.

For moms in need who have been coerced into thinking abortion is their only option, this is a huge step forward. Abortion is the opposite of “healthcare,” leaving mothers filled with pain, regret, and psychological and spiritual turmoil that last a lifetime.

This didn’t happen overnight. It’s a day decades in the making.

You and other pro-life Americans have invested heart, soul, sweat, and tears by working in pregnancy centers, counseling mothers considering abortion on sidewalks, supporting pregnant moms with things like church diaper and bottle drives, and, most of all, praying.

This is a victory for every pro-life American—and for the precious, unique lives who will now live because of it. This is a victory for you.

The fact is, the Dobbs case exposed a half century of lies, bad science, and the devastating consequences of abortion on women, children, and families.

As Justice Alito wrote:

“Roe was egregiously wrong from the start. Its reasoning was exceptionally weak, and the decision has had damaging consequences. And far from bringing about a national settlement of the abortion issue, Roe and Casey have enflamed debate and deepened division.”

This was a decision filled with moral courage, especially after the leak of the draft opinion and the intimidation directed at the Justices.

In 1973, the Court invented a right to abortion that isn’t in the text or history of the Constitution. The Court reversed that deadly error. We rejoice and thank God for this truly life-saving decision!

And now, the next stage in protecting human life begins.

Some states will protect unborn babies and their moms. Others will fully support the abortion industry. Still others will be somewhere in the middle. In each state, there is much, much work to do.

While states can now protect the unborn and are empowered to create a culture in which families can thrive, this decision doesn’t end the circumstances that drive women to see abortion as their only option. These women need resources—and pro-life pregnancy centers will be needed more than ever.

Life after Roe places demands on all of us—from the church to the state to every pro-life American.

In some states, pro-life groups and individuals will be under as much attack as ever. They will need a strong legal defense to protect their life-saving work. And state legislators will need help crafting laws that protect moms and babies.

Your gift today will help:

  • Stand up for life-affirming laws across the country.
  • Prevent state courts from issuing their own “Roe” decisions under state law.
  • Protect the ability of pro-life pregnancy centers and other organizations to serve women and children.
  • And save lives!
  • Donate

Remember, this is not the end of the fight for life, but the beginning of a new chapter in that fight.

Together, we can create a nation that recognizes and protects every human life, offers women something better than abortion, and produces thriving families.

For life,

Kristen Waggoner
General Counsel

P.S. This historic victory would not have been possible without you—and neither will a future America in which every human life is protected, where every mom is valued, and where every family can thrive. The work is beginning a new stage.

Alliance Defending Freedom


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