Laura Aboli: We’ve been made to feel so insignificant and helpless

We’ve been made to feel so insignificant and helpless, that we underestimate the effect that our own individual awakening can have in the grand scheme of things, but I can assure you that the ripple effect of each of our increased awareness is massive.

Everytime you speak truth, make a better choice, choose a healthier alternative, lend a helping hand, think of a better outcome or simply see beyond the lies, you are raising your frequency, you are adding your voice and your resonance, to the collective symphony that will create a new reality for all of us.

Find your individual sound, fine tune it, listen to it from within, allow it to fill you until you can’t contain it, become that which your soul yearns to express and join the rest of us that are playing in the key of life.

The universe is a symphony that has been playing since the beginning of time. God is simply waiting for all of us to synch into it finally, once we do, everything will change instantly.

The darkness, the discord, the dissonance, will have no space to exist, it only does because too many people are still dancing to it’s tune; hypnotised by it’s trance-like sounds, seduced by the constant beat, confused by its cacophony, numbed by its relentless repetition.

Turn if off, stand in silence, listen to your breath, listen to your heartbeat, listen to your soul.

Let your unique resonance come through louder and clearer, it will attract others playing in the same key and the frequency will get stronger and that will wake up others, who will slowly go through the same process, and their resonance will join us and the symphony will get even louder and more people will synch in, because the melody is stunning, and pure, and creative and healing and magical, because it’s the symphony of creation. It’s the symphony of love, of light, of God.

Find your soul’s sound and join the symphony in the key of life, everything else will follow.

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