Laura Aboli: People around you will accuse you of focusing on the negative or being negative

[Forwarded from Laura Aboli]
People around you will accuse you of focusing on the negative or being negative because you are trying to make them aware of some of the ugly truths of this world. I always used to respond that I thought I was extremely positive because despite being aware of the darkness I was still shining more than ever!

You are not a positive person by ignoring the negatives, but by remaining positive despite being aware of the negatives!

In fact when you become aware of the depth of the darkness that surrounds us, you also become aware of the strength of the light within us. This is the reward for having had the courage to face the truth.

Unfortunately, we live in a world of lazy cowards, the majority of people will choose to bury their heads in the sand rather than take the time and do the necessary work to confront both worldly and personal truths.

I admit it’s not an easy journey, but it’s an absolutely necessary one. The good thing is that there are many rewards along the way:

Firstly, you make better choices, based on knowledge, and as you do it will give you a sense of strength and pride that you may have not experienced before.

Secondly, it helps you choose better people around you and you will start experiencing more sincere and genuine friendships and relationships.

And last but not least, as you discover the truth of what surrounds you, you will also discover the truth within you.

As you peel off the layers of conditioning and indoctrination, you will get to the real you, the person you were meant to be; the living soul in all its beauty, divinity and potential. Now is when true living begins! And the sky is the limit!

So let’s make the most of it. We are in the storm now but the future is bright!

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