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Laura Aboli:
I was just thinking of my own journey to where I am today. Looking back it truly has been an incredible process of discovery, not only of the world and people around me, but very much of myself.

It occurred to me that even if the circumstances may have been different for all of us, the process itself might have been similar.
In my case, there was a before and an after one particular event; something happened in my life that shook me to the core.

As painful as it was, I am now extremely grateful that it happened, for it set me off into this journey of awakening that I am still on 10 years later.

I am grateful to have discovered some of the truth of the nature of the world we live in, though I still feel like the more I know, the more I realize I know nothing! Practically everything we’ve been told about everything is a lie! So it’s as much about learning as it is about unlearning.

Nonetheless, the ongoing discoveries have helped me make the right choices and resist the wrong things. But what I’m most grateful for, is how the journey itself has made me evolve personally.

I remember myself 10 years ago and realize how clueless I was about so many things. How ignorant, how naive! Now I feel like I am beginning to be who I was meant to be; I am comfortable in my own skin, stronger than I have ever felt, much wiser than before and more importantly, I’m at peace.

There is a wonderful sense of peace when you finally know who you are and what you are here for, a sense of ease and relief in knowing you are traveling on the right train to the right destination. Somehow fear begins to dissipate and courage, hope and truth become the fuel that drives your every step.

It’s not about knowing exactly where you are heading, it’s about knowing that wherever you are going is where you need to be.

I hope you are all beginning to feel that peace in your own self, despite the trouble, the chaos and the uncertainty that surrounds us.

I know how painful it has been for all of us to be awake in a world of sleeping people; we’ve all been insulted, rejected, discriminated and casted as crazy. It seemed unfair that those of us trying to save others were experiencing the most pain, but it was through that suffering, that we were gaining the strength, the courage, the conviction and the inner peace we now have in order to deal with what’s coming.

The journey is not in vain, the process has a purpose and you will find your true self along the way. So keep going, it’s the only way to get there.


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