Gov. DeSantis receives approval from the Florida Supreme Court to impanel a grand jury to investigate mRNA COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers

The Florida Supreme Court granted Governor Ron DeSantis approval to impanel a grand jury that will investigate mRNA Covid-19 vaccine manufacturers, and to release all of their data. Governor DeSantis said in press release two weeks ago that he would be asking the State Supreme Court to convene the jury to investigate “any and all wrongdoing” with respect to the vaccine.

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☝️ The same SUPREME COURT that seeked out the BRUSONS brothers case.

What’s happening with SCOTUS?

Well like I wrote in 2020 and then early 2021,…. > Chief Justice Roberts of The Supreme Court was> Flipped> turn coat< in 2019 and was forced to play a part in future ALLIANCE PLANS/// as you now see with Roe vs Wade over TURNED… Was a crucial development and Warning ( COMMS) to Deep State that SCOTUS was now understand l control of the ALLIANCE< // in 2020 after the the stolen elections, it was still to early for SCOTUS To go after the ELECTION corruption and foreign interference that was a NATIONAL SECURITY THREAT to the U.S. ……/// SCOTUS was told to wait by the ALLIANCE till after the [DS]COLLAPSE began and and the FBI, came into the KILLBOX…. And BIDEN family came under investigation for human trafficking and after TWITTER FILES dropped…….. These MAJOR TIPPING points including BIDENS DESTRUCTION OF THE U.S. ECONOMY AND INFLATION ECT ECT ECT ECT ECT ECT ECT ECT….. Would lead to TIPPING points of millions and millions of U.S. citizens turning on the Democratic party and Congress would reclaim the house….. Only till these EVENTS happened, the GREEN LIGHT would be given to SCOTUS to go after the ELECTION FRAUD that is CONNECTED> to a NATIONAL SECURITY THREAT involving FOREIGN INTERFERENCE, TREASON… Connected to a MILITARY COUP AGAINST DONALD J. TRUMP .

_as the walls are closing in on BIDEN. OBAMA. CLINTONS. Fbi.cia ( ALL ROCKEFELLERS REGIMEN<) +ect ect ect ect+
[ They] know the SUPREME COURT seeked out the BRUSONS case and the military operations are coming closer….
And the[ DS] last chance is a MAJOR world crises, and U.S. crises to try and avoid the SCOTUS case on the ELECTION collected to National Security Threat.


CONGRESS is going to go after FACEBOOK. GOOGLE . MICROSOFT as they are heavily infiltrated by the [DS] agencies..
As MUSK holds MAJOR evidence that is currently Surpressed ( saved for later>wink 😉) …. Its known in the INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES that the inside LEAKS of trove of information is going to hit the public domain with top WHISTLEBLOWERS in the PENTAGON. Cia. FBI DOJ…

The POWERFUL onslaught of hundreds of stories to drop can be be covered up by MSM< they WILL be FORCED to report….. As the MSM WILL soon come into the [ KILLBOX] of ELECTION inferences and cover-up also taking direction from CIA FBI DOJ. ECT……..>>>Congress is looking to go after [ MSM ] .< 2023.

As this massive STORM of 2020 elections resurfaces by SCOTUS And Congress going after Biden. Fbi. ECT ECT ECT..
Pandemic being revealed [ FAUCI] . Vaccines being revealed on a large world scale
…. CRYPTO money laundering operations connected to other CRYPTO and U.S. systems sand branches……..A HUGE MASSIVE STORM IS COMING TO BREAK DOWN THE SYSTEM AND EXPOSE EVERYTHING…….

You can definitely call this a Masterful PLAN that was designed in the ways of GAME THEORY…>>>Everything needed to happen as the CABAL [ DS] trapped themselves inside their EVIL game< and the people need to see the NEAR DEATH CIVILIZATION EVENT take place, so they can wake up ( unfortunately the left still needs to see these EVENTs unfold more and effect them directly .. Through $$$$$$ a [ COLLAPSE])/////////……[ MSM]
[ Hollywood ] [ CRYPTO] < more events to hit🎯

( The Military Alliance Has WARNED… If there is no peaceful transition to U.S. 2020 elections being overturned . Soon and BIDENs. CLINTONS sent exposed in Rightful ways.
The military WILL proceed as PLANNED to LAWS OF WAR CHAPTER 11)////

🔥…. Near the end we are but in a critical point EVENT….. as the deep push the NUCLEAR EVENT STANDOFF/// FALSE FLAG EVENT to create CHAOS, CONFUSION and blame

General Flynn stated that since November 3, 2020 a RETROGRADE OPERATION is taking place

>>Restored Republic<<
Active Executive Orders and [National Emergencies] listed

>>The Birth of the Cabal<<

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Ascension All Connected and Also Important

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