[EXPOSURE] > COLLISION COLLUSION COURSE, NAZI made several contacts in Washington

_1939, German espionage ,NAZI made several contacts in Washington, then began a tour of cities along the East Coast. Intensely curious about the visitor’s purposes, the Federal Bureau of Investigation assigned one of its own agents, Robert Tonis, to follow him. The German boarded a train for Boston, and Tonis, according to plan, waited for him at South Station. But as soon as the train pulled in, the spy dashed into a taxi, sped up Memorial Drive, stopped at Harvard, and ran into one of the Houses on the Charles River. Although Tonis had been close behind he was unable to pick up the trail: the man seemed to have vanished. Sometime later, the F.B.I. learned that the German had eluded pursuit by slipping into Harvard’s steam tunnels. ( How did the Nazi spy know where to run and know the extensive tunnel systems, Harvard students today have access to less then 1% of the tunnels and the rest is closed off and highly secured by Armed guards )

It was long ago known by the Rockefellers/ROTHSCHILDS and U.S. elites, including CLASSIFIED mil. Operations that the [ HARVARD ] connected through the city and ran over 100 miles under ground connecting to The Naval Submarine Base of New London> Primary the U.S. East Coast Sub. Base known as the ” Home of the Submarine Force”
_It’s not coincidence Jeffrey [ EPSTEIN] had private permanent offices above the HARVARD tunnels and Ghislaine Maxwell had a licence for Submarines. Nor is it coincidence that Ghislaine Maxwells father who was a super spy ( agent for Mossad, mi6 > cia) brought his daughter into the [ ds] intelligence agencies and funded her operations… It’s also not coincidence that Ghislaine father Robert Maxwell’ attorney was none other than Antony Blinken’s father ( step father who raised him) Samuel Pisar

BEHIND THE SCENES>]; The secret Military Tribunals (subpoena’s for the richest and powerful as Sergy brin , jp Morgan. ECT taking place in Virgin Islands is a Mil. Court ordered debriefing and the WORD< is the Subpoenaed guests all SANG and gave in debt details on the Epstein, > HARVARD< Submarine Human/child trafficking rings connected to FIVE FINGER LAKES>>> HORSEHEAD/))) >>> CANADA TRAFFICKING RINGS//and several u s. Island involved in human trafficking.

As we come closer to EPSTEIN list being EXPOSED

TRUMP CARD< the cia is in full panic and their plan to Install Gavin Newsom as The next U.S. President is crumbling as the CIA is being exposed from within and Mil. Trial’s in Guantano Bay have dropped the Cia’s involvement with the 911 terrorist and paper trails are connecting Saudi Arabia intelligence agencies to CIA and the cover up of the 911 investigations<////

Much is happening behind the scenes as white hats plan to DROP major leaks. Unredacted files on JFK assassination lead by the CIA ,a military coup and cover up by the FBI incollusion with the United States military coup against JFK.
(> TRUMP+WHITE HATS are connecting a world wide DEEP STATE operation publicly right now
and most aren’t aware of these different exposer patterns happening at the same time now/))))
I have been telling you since two years COLLISION COURSE 💥 of the plandemic . Virus. Jfk. Epstein. World banks collapse, WAR, MUSK> EXPOSURE. fauci. Exposure vaccines. Nuclear StandoffECT ECT ECT ECT ECT ECT………
] it’s all happening and evolving….


We are inside the Storm and NATO. UN. FAUCI CIA Are inside the [ KILLBOX]


Why does Hunter Biden have a Tattoo of the Five Finger lakes on his back.

Why did Flynn share an article of Child sex trafficking around Five finger lakes?
>>[Police Arrest 18 People in Major Child Sex Trafficking Bust: ‘I Have Not Seen a Case Like This’]

You have more than you know_Q

Storm Rider

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