CIA was deeply involved in the assassination of JFK

The Newly-Released JFK Files Drop Bombshells In The Kennedy Assassination Investigation

From the U.S. to Russia, to CHNIA to [ DS] [ ISRAEL] … the Mil. Intelligence agencies all know the CIA was deeply involved in the assassination of JFK with the help of ex- president George H.W. [BUSH]  ( who was the Ambassador to the United Nations in 1971 and made Several trips to Israel to secure hidden finances for Black operations projects for the CIA and became chairman of the Republican National Committee in 1973 after millions in Donations through the Rockefellers and ROTHSCHILDs foundations and subsidiary companies and Elite investors. ) _In 1973 the orders were given to Assassinate JFK through the ELITE community that involved ISRAEL. MOSSAD/ EU Banking system Jewish ROTHSCHILDs/ heads of Bohemian Grove > ROCKEFELLERS< who controlled the U.S. media and funded the Military complex war machine w/ Dupont family and several OIL Rich families including the Bush family. The orders to KILL JFK was connected to several reasons that benefited each group involved in assassination.

Tucker Carlson reviews the history of the JFK Assassination and where things stand today

First,JFK wanted to stop the Vietnam WAR which the Rockefellers and [ DS] military complex war machine would not allow to lose hundred of BILLIONS in investments, military production, sales, and world wide illegally weapons trade operations.
Second, JFK wanted to END the U.S. Central Banking system controlled by [ DS] who were using U.S. currency as the world largest PONZI SCHEME to control oil, gas and Power over other Nations that connected to WAR MONGERING & CIA operating colour revolutions false FLAG events in countries to over throw governments that would come under the control of U.S. & UNITED NATIONS power and robbing their countries of natural resources and GDP and installing  western [ DS] BANKING systems
Third, the [ DS] CABAL wanted a puppet President, L. B.Johnson to be Immediately installed and pass several Executive orders that would increase military production of Weapons and several orders that would protect the CIA [ DS] operations inside several countries.. as Ukraine. < Fourth JFK wanted to dissolve the CIA Agency and their counter parts connections to the ROCKEFELLER and world CABAL system connected to UN. ISRAEL. VATICAN powerhouse Jesuits, nights of Malta ECT…. He wanted to DECLASSIFY all evidence DOCUMENTS and Witness’s who knew the CIA was a captured foreign POWER operations connected to ISRAEL/ MOSSAD/ MI6 / ROTHSCHILD BANKS.
_FIFTH. JFK wanted to release the Truth about the existence of Aliens and all the evidence connected to deep underground hidden Archeological finds in the U.S. middle east and Antarctica.
_Six JFK was well aware of technology that used Frequency to heal the body and mind, and was well aware the medical industry was hiding natural cures to world sickness and JFK was well aware of the TESLA , The looking glass projects and Q OPERATIONS that had began during the Abraham Lincoln PRESIDENCY That was constantly EXPOSING the [ THE DEEP STATE CORRUPTION] connected back to EU ROTHSCHILDs, VATICAN Nights of Malta military, The British succession to ROTHSCHILDS DS control.

_CURRENTLY there are WHITE HATS through the world in HIGH HIGH places.. And they DROPPING the JFK story.. Files and opening the flood GATES the JFK ASSASSINATION PLOT AND THOSE INVOLVED in the conspiracy and planning to KILL a U.S. sitting President.

President John F Kennedy WARNING US ALL – RIP

( TRUMP couldn’t release the full JFK Files AND REPORT till the DEEP STATE MOCKINGBIRD MEDIA OPERATIONS were in complete down FALL and MSM was in the COLLAPSE… If Trump had released the files earlier the [ DS] MSM would have had laughed and cover-up and censored the JFK Files..)//

The assassination of JFK is connected to  hundreds of current organization that benefited off his death.  And connected to GEORGE W H. BUSH who blackmailed his way into becoming the CIA director then moving into power as U.S. President, then creating oil WARS and giving the power to his son who helped in the creation of bio-weapons and the planning of 911 .

IN HONOR OF JFK – NCSWIC – May God bless ALL The Fallen

White hats in HIGH Places are getting ready to to drop DROPS. All connects to human TRAFFICKING<

NEW – U.S. National Archives released a new trove of files related to the 1963 assassination of John F. Kennedy.

US National Archives has released more than 13,000 documents related to the JFK assassination. READ:

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