The Military without “We The People” results in Civil War. “We The People” without the Military results in certain bondage

  • Only together can we even hope to recover, maintain and sustain the precious Constitutional Republic for which our forefathers fought and died.
  • Our prayer -going forward- must be a request for God Himself to reach down with a gentle breath of His mighty power to touch those angry hearts who know only how to berate and belittle, to name-call and accuse others when the truth of the matter is that we are all in this together, loving our God and loving this land that He so graciously gave to us.
  • Coming ashore in 1607, Rev. Robert Hunt made a Covenant between Almighty God Himself and this nation at Jamestown (VA), the site of our first colony founded in 1607: May this “Covenant of Dedication” remain to all generations, as long as this earth remains, he said. (…that would be us…)
  • Let us pray that God’s grace -working in all of our hearts- will enable us to cross the victory line of RESTORATION in harmony -together- with forbearance and charity given freely, one to another. [“Above all, maintain constant love for one another, since love covers a multitude of sins, 1 Peter 4:8] So that we may yet -again- become “one nation under God, Indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”  

To the People Of The United States of America

What do you do when your spouse, for example, is completely indoctrinated and resisting your attempts to see beyond the manufactured lies?

It’s not an easy situation to be in, it’s frustrating, unsettling, uncomfortable and can lead to devastating scenarios.

Even though you are probably the one being verbally abused with accusations of insanity and tin hat fashion statements, you are still going to have to be the one making the adjustments and necessary maneuvering in order to save the relationship (if that’s what you want to do, of course).

As your personal awareness elevates you, you will find yourself flying above the mundane matrix, but in order to maintain certain relationships, you are still going to have to land back on the mundane plane and walk beside them in the matrix.

Think of it this other way; we were ‘worms’ not knowing we could be butterflies, some of us have managed to break the cocoon and are beginning to feel the air of freedom under our wings, but others still have to go through the metamorphosis.

For those you truly love, you’re just going to have to give them the time they need to get there. Be patient, be understanding, be in their cocoon at times, but never stop flying.

We have to be there for those we love that are taking longer, hopefully one day we can all fly together. I pray that it will be so.

Laura Aboli – We are in the middle of a multidimensional war

The time of ignorant bliss is over, they kept us entertained with nonsense so we wouldn’t see what was really happening

I wish I could tell you to ignore all of this, to live your lives, go about your business and be happy, but that’s exactly what got us here, and if we keep ignoring things, we will end up owning nothing, and no, we won’t be happy, and no, I don’t like bugs, and no, I don’t want to be a serf on a miserable universal income.

The time of ignorant bliss is over, they kept us entertained with nonsense so we wouldn’t see what was really happening, but little by little, inch by inch, we were being encircled, trapped, poisoned, brainwashed and hypnotised to think things had to be this way.

There’s no more time for ignorance, the music must be faced, the realities confronted, and the walls of our mental prison must be brought down just like Joshua did in Jericho. We must blow our trumpets loud and clear, not just 7 but 7 billion of us, and the walls of the matrix will come down in an instant.

This battle is won with knowledge, with awareness, with consciousness, with courage and faith. It is won with righteousness, with conviction, with determination and with love.

We can no longer afford to hide our heads in the sand, we can no longer pretend others will fight for us and we can no longer assume things will be ok if we don’t do our share.

We can and we must contribute to positive change by changing ourselves, by speaking out, by not complying, by saying ‘no’, by claiming our sovereignty, by shining our light and by singing in tune with the symphony of the creator.

Those that chose to believe the lies, that took the easy route of compliance, that allowed fear to guide them, that ignored their better judgement, that did not listen to their intuition, now have poison running through their veins and a tougher journey to take.

We have a mission, we have a duty, we have to gain the knowledge to save ourselves and everyone around us. Keep planting the seeds, keep shining your light and keep singing the song of life, of love and freedom.

Riccardo Bosi – Cosmic Consciousness Conference Uluru

Cosmic Consciousness Conference Uluru 21 Dec 2020
Riccardo blew EVERYONE away with his awareness and brings hope that he is the type of Leader that Australia needs!

At the completion of his talk, Craig (Vic Co-ordinator for A1) surprised the audience with a speech from A1’s very own Riccardo Bosi.
Riccardo showed the audience a side of himself that is rarely, if ever, seen in a politician.
#AustraliaOne 🇦🇺 is creating a bright future for Australia and all our wonderful Australian people.

To the People Of The United States of America

Kirk Pendergrass, Law Corner LLC and E Claus LLC

Uncover the true American Founding and learn how we’ve departed from it today.

America is NOT A Democracy

Educational Series Episode 1 of 8

No LAWS are being broken, just orders.  An order is NOT A LAW understand your rights

What are your Rights and where do they come from in Law as it is written

Educational Series Episode 1 of 8 Play list

Uncover the true American Founding and learn how we’ve departed from it today.

>>THE FALL OF THE CABAL – The Birth of the Cabal<<

Loy Brunson EXPLAINS His Historic Supreme Court Case!

Historic First Amendment Lawsuit to Win Back Freedom – Dr. Shiva

The US has been under Active Martial Law since March 2020

R.E.D Remember Everyone Deployed – May God bless ALL The Fallen

Remember Everyone Deployed

Remember Everyone Deployed

Never forget why we started.
It always was, and still is about our innocent children in the world

Crimes Against Our Children

  • Human Trafficking
  • Adrenochrome
  • Pedophilia
  • Organ Harvesting
  • Cannibalism

Military Tribunals
No Deals

We all have a responsibility to protect our global children

The US has been under Active Martial Law since March 2020

In Peru, the army performs a parade and positioning to confirm the State of Emergency in the country

Peruvian president reacts to violent protests

Peru declares nationwide state of emergency as crisis deepens

Katie Williams, [Dec 16, 2022 at 9:50 PM]
Peru: Since yesterday, armed forces have been mobilized in emergency zones.

In the meantime, a state of emergency has been declared throughout the country.

Laura Aboli – It’s incredible how much we tend to dwell on the past, it’s ok to reminisce every now and then

“You’ll just keep crashing if you never take your eyes off the review mirror.”
~ Leo Christopher

It’s incredible how much we tend to dwell on the past, it’s ok to reminisce every now and then, but to allow the past to dictate your present and future, does not seem very constructive.

The past is simply the series of events that molded you into who you have become, but if those events molded you in undesirable ways, then my friend, it’s up to you to ‘unmold’ yourself.

This notion is a very important one, most people surrender to the past and take no responsibility in the present to change the consequences of what has already been, but even if the past can’t be changed, how it has affected us is something we must control and change, if necessary.

Any event, no matter how traumatic, (within reason), has the potential to make us better or worse. We can allow things to either make us bitter, resentful, revengeful and hard, or we can choose to become stronger, wiser, more resilient and empathetic. The choice is yours.

If you choose to allow things to make you bitter and resentful, you must understand that you are only making your life worse. If you are ok with making your life less happy and enjoyable, then please go ahead and be bitter, angry, sorry for yourself and revengeful, just know nobody is going to want to be around you.

It is much wiser to process the pain, understand that it’s trying to teach you something, talk about it, cry it out, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, decide you will be stronger from it, learn the lesson, feel stronger, know you are wiser, and then focus all your strength on getting better, not on anyone else paying for what may have happened; the universe will take care of that.

So keep your eyes on the road ahead and be grateful that you will not fall into the same hole because now you know better. Never allow things to make you worse, life is a chance for us to evolve, not devolve.

Always onwards and upwards my friends! 💪🏻

Laura Aboli – We are in the middle of a multidimensional war

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