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Derek Johnson The US has been under Active Martial Law since March 2020

Federal Continuity Of Government

Federal COG Directives 1 & 2

Executive Order 13919

Executive Order 13963

Executive Order 13848

FEMA Continuity Of Government

Art Of War > Sun Tzu

7 National Emergencies Before November the 3rd 2020

Donald John Trump DECLARED 7 Executive Orders with National Emergencies:

Executive Order 13818:

This is the first with a National Emergency: December 20, 2017.

Executive Order 13848:

Executive Order 13851:

Executive Order 13873:

Executive Order 13882:

Executive Order 13894:

Executive Order 13936:

Two Verbal National Emergencies in March 2020 followed by:

Executive Order 13912

10 United States Code 1209

This is how and when DJT Federalized 1 million National Guard to Active-Duty.

How do you or would you know?

There’s National Guard Aircraft out of their states and Country every single day and they’ve been consistent the same ever since this date.

I have thousands of pictures documented and posted on all social media platforms as well to bring you up to speed.

The only way they can be out of their states and country 🟰 Federalized.

The only who can Federalize to Active-Duty is the President.

👉🏻 10 US Code 12406:

§ 12406: Currently authorizes the President to call National Guard units into federal service in the event:

(1) U.S. territory “is invaded or is in danger of invasion by a foreign nation[;]” (2) there is a “rebellion or danger of rebellion[;]” or (3) the President is unable with the regular forces to execute the laws.

Now apply 1 and 2 with Executive Order 13848 and the Optics I’ve provided with it in multi-layers.

The ONLY President who has Federalized the National Guard to Active-Duty is Donald John Trump and he did so in the Executive Order and is listed in the 10 US Code 1209… which is still active 💯✅

Executive Order 13885:

In 2019, he established the National Quantum Initiative, that became the National Quantum Act, Public Law 115-368.


If Executive Order 13885 is revoked… Why is still active with a January 6, 2023, National Quantum Initiative Supplement to the “President’s” Fiscal Year 2023 Budget wIth MANY revisions on the National Quantum Initiative Act (Public Law 115-368)?:

Continuity of Government.

Then he established and signed the Abraham Accords, introduced in August 2020 and signed on September 15, 2020.

Better known as the blueprint for Peace in the Middle East.

Abraham Accords:

Accords Signature by DJT:

The US has been under Active Martial Law since March 2020

>>The Birth of the Cabal<<


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