What is the purpose of life? somebody asked

What is the purpose of life?’ somebody asked, ‘The purpose of life is life itself’ I answered.

Once you are able to see things with a little perspective and you appreciate the wholeness of you; in other words, that you are an eternal soul having a physical experience, you begin to understand the purpose of life.

It seems to me, that as blissful as it must be to exist in our ethereal, all-seeing, all-knowing, pain-free, soul condition, it must get pretty boring. After all, knowing is not the same as experiencing. Things must be felt, to be fully understood, and life is just that; a chance to feel what life feels like.

Understanding that this is a roller coaster ride that your soul chose to get on, places everything you are experiencing in a totally different context.

Not only does it make you come out of your ego, in the same way an actor stops playing a character when the director screams ‘cut!’, it also makes you understand, that as hard as it may seem to accept, you may have chosen these experiences as valuable lessons you wanted to understand.

At this point, life not only gets more interesting but also more fun. Now you know that Shakespeare was right, ‘All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players’

Life is a real-time, live show, one where you get to play the part your soul chose, because it wanted to experience certain things and learn specific lessons. So my advice is, pay attention, learn the lessons you are here to learn and grow from them. The sooner you do, the more enjoyable life becomes.

Life is not meant to be suffered, although pain and suffering are part of it, but it’s very much meant to be enjoyed. It’s a gift to be here, a wonderful chance to hear, to see, to sense, to taste and to feel and express a limitless amount of things.

We are extraordinary, biological sensorial beings perfectly and purposefully created to be able to enjoy every aspect of this remarkable physical journey in the most beautiful, diverse and breathtaking habitat one could even begin to imagine.

So live and respect life for what it is; a gift from the Creator.



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