Vladimir Putin has dramatically escalated the Ukraine war again by raising his nuclear combat readiness and bolstering his troops by >350,000

PUTIN will spend ‘whatever it takes’ on the military, ‘improve the combat readiness of our nuclear triad’ and increase his troop numbers from 1.15 million to >>>1.5 million.”<<<

Putin is priming his military for a major offensive that reportedly will include two of NATO’s newest members, Finland and Sweden.

In the strategic moves the Russian Military is planning on advancing on Finland and Sweden.

With the war escalation heading into nuclear standoff and MAJOR Nations already deploying Nuclear hypersonic missiles… On thing is certain

RUSSIA has NO END insight to oil and gas reserves that run the massive Russian Military operations. On the other hand the EU is on the brink of FULL energy crises and on the back channels Germany, and FRANCE are asking Russia for gas and oil …….and Poland, Italy and Hungary are openly resisting the EU . NATO War front against Russian.

_PUTIN giving a public speech on the failure of the Russia forces in Ukraine is worrisome to the Pentagon, as they known PUTIN is very intelligent with resources and the message was codes as Military COMMS to get ready to ATTACK
//// The Russian chess moves along with Saudi oil , Russian Oil, being removed from EU and COLLAPSING the Energy grid….was strategically placed……. As EU had exhausted their weapons stock reserves and now they have no oil, gas to secure a Military victory////

After the great Great [ MASSIVE] ATTACK by Russia COMING January… And remnants of a collosal EXPOSURE of a failed NATO,EU front impends…..>All that remains is the NUCLEAR EVENT>>>> AS U.S. EU. NATO WILL pull their threat of NUCLEAR ASSAULT against Russian
And CHNIA WILL Back RUSSIA with NUCLEAR power and GLOBAL super FORCES will ALL join in the NUCLEAR EVENT STANDOFF<<<< ( I had been warning so long about this EVENT coming……. And how this EVENT will. END NATO. UN WILL BE EXPOSED AND A RECONSTRUCTION of these regimens is EXPECTED as the DEEP STATE OPERATORS are chambered into KILLBOX )

Q was right


that pushed for no WARS during 2016-2020
As TRUMP was in office…… Why was this a genius move???????

Because WARS are the SYSTEM to world wide money laundering and when TRUMP stopped the WARS>> the CABAL DEEP STATE couldn’t funnel the Trillions through their WAR MONGERING money OPERATIONS and an Immediately the collapse began inside the deep state CABAL families,,,,,… And the only way to regain the money was through an early release of the PLANDEMIC ( this too early release causes so much problems and confusion which was a large part of GAME THEORY OPERATIONS, which caused the[ DS] to trap themselves inside major mistakes… As crypto, ECT ECT ECT ECT ECT ECT ECT ECT ECT mistakes ECT ECT ECT ECT ECT ECT ECT)////.

On this day on December 23 Christmas Eve 2016 The U.S. military and world Q ALLIANCE c jointly conducted milm OPERATIONS through Italy and KILLED most other MAJOR heads of the CABAL families that operated the VATICAN. ROTHSCHILDS families that run European BANKS.. ECT ECT ECT… The 13 families of ITALY were almost all executed in the MASS OPERATIONS and TRILLIONS TRILLIONS in Gold was recovered by the U.S.
…… The OPERATIONS seized all computers. Phones. Servers ect ect…… And a few months LATER TRUMP went to the VATICAN and stayed two days showing the pope, the nights of MALTA.jesuits KAZARIAN the EVIDENCE and boxes rooms full of EVIDENCE on human TRAFFICKING . Satanic rituals and the cabal world corruption money laundering operations
And everything they had ever done was documented and seized……. And after this the Pope signed over all ASSETS to TRUMP.. U.S. military which housed all the Gold seized from the 2016 13 families raid…. And was stored in Cheyenne mountain ♟️…. Months after the VATICAN went bankrupt.

You have than you know Q

>>Restored Republic<<
Active Executive Orders and [National Emergencies] listed

>>The Birth of the Cabal<<

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