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Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui

Preface: 1
Part One: On New Warfare 8
Chapter 1: The Weapons Revolution Which Invariably Comes First 15
Chapter 2: The War God’s Face Has Become Indistinct 36
Chapter 3: A Classic That Deviates From the Classics 61
Chapter 4: What Do Americans Gain By Touching the Elephant? 84
Part Two: A Discussion of New Methods of Operation 114
Chapter 5: New Methodology of War Games 124
Chapter 6: Seeking Rules of Victory: The Force Moves Away From the Point of the Enemy’s
Attack 152
Chapter 7: Ten Thousand Methods Combined as One: Combinations That Transcend
Boundaries 179
Chapter 8: Essential Principles 204
Conclusion: 220
Afterword: 225
Author’s Background: 227

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Chapter 5 New Methodology of War Games
[pp. 132-163 in original]
The great masters of warfare techniques during the 21st century will be those who employ
innovative methods to recombine various capabilities so as to attain tactical, campaign and
strategic goals. – Yier Tierfude
Everything is changing. We believe that the age of a revolution in operating methods, wherein all
of the changes involved in the explosion of technology, the replacement of weapons, the
development of security concepts, the adjustment of strategic targets, the obscurity of the
boundaries of the battlefield, and the expansion of the scope and scale of non-military means and
non-military personnel involved in warfare are focused on one point, has already arrived. This
revolution is not seeking operating methods which coordinate with each type of change, but
rather is finding a common operating method for all of these changes. In other words, finding a
new methodology which uses one method to deal with the myriad changes of future wars. [1]
Flicking Away the Cover of the Clouds of War
Who has seen tomorrow’s war? No one. However, its various scenes have already passed through
the mouths of many prophets and have been frozen on the our mental screens like a vulgar
cartoon. From the strangling warfare of satellites in space orbits to the angular pursuits of nuclear
submarines in the deep areas of the oceans; from the precision bombs released by stealth
bombers to the cruise missiles fired from a Zeus Shield Cruiser, they cover the heavens and the
earth, and they can be said to be too numerous to enumerate. The most representative of them is
the description of a field maneuver exercise with troops carried out by a digitized unit of the
American military at the Fort Irwin National Training Center:
With the command center’s digitized units acting as the “blue troops,” the computer was
continuously inputting and processing information transmitted from satellites and “Joint Star”
aircraft; the early warning planes monitored the entire air space; the fighter bombers guided by
satellites and early warning planes used precision missiles to attack targets; the armored forces
and armored helicopters alternated initiating three-dimensional attacks against the enemy; the
infantry soldiers used laptop computers to receive commands and used automatic weapons fired
with sighting devices carried on helmets; and the most splendid scene was actually one soldier
who successively attacked five mice and led the strong fire power of his own artillery and airmen
towards a group of enemy tanks on another side of the ridge. His computer screen displayed [the
results]: the enemy tanks had already been hit.
Called the “21st Century Army” and “blue troops” with fully digitized equipment and conducted
in the Mojave Desert, the final result of this exercise was one win, one draw, and six losses, but
the “21st Century Army” and “blue troops” lost to the traditionally equipped “red troops.”
However, this did not prevent Secretary of Defense Cohen from announcing in a news release
after the conclusion of the exercise that: I consider that you are all witnessing a military
revolution here. . . . [2]
It is obvious that the military revolution referred to by Cohen is identical to the warfare
understood by those prophets that we previously mentioned.
The winner always likes to coast on the path of victory. Like the French military which relied
upon climbing out of the trenches at Verdun to win World War One and hoped that the next war
would be carried out the same at the Maginot Line, the American military which won a victory in
the Gulf War also hopes to continue the “Desert Storm” type addiction during the 21st century.
Although each calculation won glory like that of Schwartzkopf, all of the American generals
understand that it is not possible for wars in the next century to be simple replays of the Gulf
War. It was for this reason that they began to carry out replacements of the weaponry of the
United States’ military even before the smoke cleared, and they also made adjustments to the
original combat theories and organizational system. Military people throughout the world saw
the framework of the future American military and the concept of American style warfare from
The Concept of Joint Forces in the Year 2010 to The Army of the Future. Taking into
consideration the loftiness of the hall, then this is quite out of the ordinary [that is, the superiority
of the American military force, like a majestic hall, is overwhelming]. It was little imagined that
the blind spot in the visual field of the Americans would just appear here.
To date, the trends of the development of the weaponry of the United States military, the changes
in defense policies, the evolution of combat theories, the renewal of ordinances and regulations,
and the views of high-level commanders are all following along quickly on one path. They
affirm that military means are the final means for resolving future conflicts, and the disputes
between all nations will ultimately end up with two large armies meeting on the battlefield.
Given this premise, the American military is requiring itself to nearly simultaneously win wars in
two battle areas, and they have done a great deal of preparation for this. [3] The problem is who
is there in the Pentagon, like the former Chief of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Bower, who so
clearly recognized that the United States was focusing most of its energies in again fighting a
“cold type war which would never come again” and was very possibly using its own strength in
the wrong direction? [4] This is because the international trend at the end of the 20th century is
clearly displayed. As practically existing, the age of wars being a matter of moving weapons and
soldiers has still not been translated into history, but as a concept it has already begun to
noticeably fall behind. Following the increase in the number of international treaties limiting the
arms race and the proliferation of weapons, the United Nations and regional international
organizations have enlarged their intervention power in local wars and regional conflicts and
relatively decreased the military threat to national security; on the contrary, the springing up of
large amounts of new high technology will actually greatly increase the possibility of non-
military measures threatening national security, and the international community which is at a
loss of what to do upon being confronted with non-military threats with such destruction no less
than that of a war at the least lacks necessary and effective limitations. This has objectively
accelerated the occurrence of non-military wars, and at the same time it has also resulted in the
old concepts and systems of national security being on the brink of collapse. Aside from the
increasingly intense terrorist attacks, as well as the hacker wars, financial wars and computer
virus wars which will dominate the future, there are also the present various types of “new
concept wars” to which it is difficult to fix a name and are already sufficient to have the security
view of “resisting the enemy outside of one’s national gate” become something of the past in the
space of an evening.
It is not the case that American military circles have not noticed this advantage of eliminating the
enemy against military and non-military threats (we have already referred above to several
National Defense Reports for several fiscal years by the Defense Department of the United
States), and yet they have pushed the resolution of the latter problem on to the politicians and the
Central Intelligence Agency so that they have retreated from the existing all dimensional wars,
non-combatant military operations, and other new views. They have tightened up more and more
so that they have shrunk into a watching tree hung full with various types of sophisticated
weapon fruits waiting alone for a muddle-headed and idiotic rabbit to come and knock into it.
However, after Saddam knocked himself dizzy at the bottom of this tree, who else is there who
would become the second type of this rabbit?
Given their state of mind of “looking around in the dark with daggers drawn,” the American
soldiers who had lost their opponent due to the collapse of the former Soviet Union are
vehemently searching for a reason not to allow themselves to be “unemployed.” This is because
from the generals to the common soldiers, from the spear of attack to the shield of defense, from
major strategies to minor methods of operation, everything that the American military does is
done in preparation of gaining victory in a major war. It should not be said that as soon as there
were no longer two armies facing off against each other that American military circles and even
the American Congress would produce an empty feeling at having lost their goal. The result was
that without an enemy, one still had to be created. Therefore, even if it is a tiny area such as
Kosovo, they cannot pass up an opportunity to try out their frosty blades. American military
circles, which are digging deeper and deeper into the insoluble problem of either using force or
not using any at all, seems, after stretching their own tentacles from war regions to the realm of
non-combat military actions, to no longer be willing to extend themselves to a far distance, and
are now in the realm of forming non-military warfare. This is possibly owing to a lack of
sensitivity to new things and also possibly a result of work habit, and even more so possibly due
to limitations in thinking. Regardless of the reason, the American soldier always locks his own
field of vision in the range covered by war clouds, and this is an indisputable fact.
Even though the United States bears the brunt of being faced with the threat of this type of non-
military war and has been the injured party time after time, yet what is surprising is that such a
large nation unexpectedly does not have a unified strategy and command structure to deal with
the threat. What makes one even more so wonder whether to laugh or cry is that unexpectedly
they have 49 departments and offices responsible for anti-terrorist activities, but there is very
little coordination and cooperation among them. Other nations are not that much better than the
United States in this area. The allocations and basic investment directions of various nations for
security needs are still only limited to the military and intelligence and political departments, but
there are few and pitiful investments in other directions. Again using the United States as an
example, it uses seven billion dollars in funds for anti-terrorism which is only 1/25 of the
US$250 billion military expenditure.
Regardless of how each nation turns a deaf ear to the pressing threat of non-military warfare, this
objective fact is encroaching upon the existence of mankind one step at a time, expanding and
spreading based on its own pattern and speed. It is not necessary to point it out as people will
discover that when mankind focuses more attention on calling for peace and limiting wars, many
of the origins are the things in our peaceful lives which all begin one after another to change into
lethal weapons which destroy peace. Even those golden rules and precious precepts which we
have always upheld also begin to reveal a contrary tendency and become a means for some
nations to be able to launch attacks against other nations or certain organizations and individuals
to do so against the entire society. It is similar to [the following scenarios]: when there is a
computer then there is a computer virus, and when there is currency there is monetary
speculation, freedom of faith and religious extremism and heretical religions, common human
rights and national sovereignty, free economics and trade protection, national autonomy and
global unification, national enterprises versus transnational corporations, information
liberalization and information boundaries, and the sharing of knowledge and the monopoly of
technology. It is possible for each field that at any moment tomorrow there will break out a war
where different groups of people are fighting at close quarters. The battlefield is next to you and
the enemy is on the network. Only there is no smell of gunpowder or the odor of blood.
However, it is war as before, because it accords with the definition of modern warfare: forcing
the enemy to satisfy one’s own interests. It is very obvious that none of the soldiers in any one
nation possesses sufficient mental preparation against this type of new war which completely
goes beyond military space. However, this is actually a severe reality which all soldiers must
The new threats require new national security views, and new security views then necessitate
soldiers who first expand their fields of vision prior to expanding their victories. This is a matter
of wiping away the long narrow cloud covering of war cast over one’s eyes.

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