TRUMP+Mil. Operation were meant to break the CCP SUPPLY CHAIN strangle hold on the UNITED STATES

_The [ ds] CCP Chinese Monopoly Strangle hold over the United States has been broken. Nobody thought this could be possible in a short time span.

With the pandemic released and Game theory operations in place and UKRAINE war disruption of U.S. economy the Strangle hold of china over U.S. Supply chain operations have been broken and succeeded. .. Inside geo political military assessment and Reports the news is the United States supply chain which was depending on Chinese products and productions that also controlled stock markets connected to food industries have been broken as South American and Europea, Africa .. India  has stepped in the last year ensure the U.S.  supply chain would not fully collapse.

As the a new supply chain emerge that are connected to other world countries that is helping the U S. with supply , demand and delivery, the powerful changes taking place signal the end of and era of CCP china controlling the United States supply chain infrastructure for decades<

_As Trump stood next to U.S. flags with no gold fringes and a message was sent loud and clear..
The end of the Corporation of United States that is controlled by foreign entities and forces and the end of the Strangle hold from CCP and kazarian ROTHSCHILDS Rockefellers control………>>>>

Everything is leading to EXPOSURE OF CIA.
ROCKEFELLERS….//))) and Trump’s arrest insures
INVESTIGATIONs into FISA. [ DS] MILITARY COURTS THAT ISSUED THE WARRANTS .. This means the down fall of intelligence agencies that protect the deep state
( Right now Blackhats mil.intelligence vs. White hats military intelligence WARS is happening at an extended level that is reaching A I. WARS>>>
DECLASSIFIED WORLD DROPS ……. These drops and files are hitting world leaders and world officials door steps directly………. It doesn’t matter if MSM tries to spin stories that it’s Russian misinformation
Or cover up the classified drops out ignore…… The real damage is done as millions of officials will get CLASSIFIED drops directly through WHITE HAT’S A.I massive digital networks that can bReach deep state A i. Walls)..

The fall of the deep state.

Everything happening now had to happen.
Game theory.

It had to be this way.

Expect some U.S. Ships/Cargo ports to close
( There is a restructuring going on behind the scenes ;….)/////

Of course we still are inside a COLLAPSE
but a very CONTROLLED collapse game theory

SAFETY MEASURES IN PLACE. ( But the sheep must see the near death experience that involves a MASSIVE COLLAPSE…….. But you have prepared PATRIOTS ANONS)///


>>Restored Republic<<
Active Executive Orders and [National Emergencies] listed

>>The Birth of the Cabal<<

Uncensored Alternative News Media

Ascension All Connected and Also Important

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