They say it’s Army National guard doing exercises…

Riccardo Bosi, leader of Australia One Party – Buckle Up Buttercups – (20 June 2023)

It’s been going on for 60+ years!! Very large layered web of shit here on earth to clean up. >You and I were born into it, DEEPEST of rabbit holes<

They say it’s Army National guard doing exercises…

Remember in 2021 I was the first to tell you.. The World military exercises were taking place to and was leading to WAR and nuclear standoff ( well that happened and continuing)///

When they say exercise, they mean they are conditioning you to make it look normal with Military moving through the streets more often…

Benny Johnson and Monkey Werx are very good people.. But they don’t have no clue of the STORM happening at the HIGHEST LEVELS.

Benny only has one source in the military who isn’t informed of Cheyenne mountain closed of to BIDEN and the deep state Regimen. ECT.

Monkey werx told you many many times he can only see less than 10% of all military movements on the computer and screen and apps he uses.

I have been telling you from the beginning, far beyond anymore what was happening in early 2021 and gave you all the info before the war started and told you we were going into nuclear STANDOFF…. And I also told you the military was going to be preparing in 2023 in the U.S. for military occupation and near CIVIL WAR and would lead to tribunals.

I told late in 2021 the Ukraine Russian would happen with ALLEN invasion agenda in the same moments…..

Many things I have told you has come….>>>

Right now you are being conditioned to see military in the U.S. streets and cities and suburbs as normal…..>> Just exercises <<
_ This is Far from the TRUTH

Storm Rider

The US has been under Active Martial Law since March 2020 [Soft Martial Law]

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