They Knew It Would Kill….Russell Brand

I spoke with John Abramson, who is a physician & consults as an expert in litigation involving the pharmaceutical industry and has served as an unpaid consultant to the FBI and Department of Justice. His new book How Big Pharma Broke American Health Care and How We Can Repair is out now!

Fentanyl overdoses become No. 1 cause of death among US adults, ages 18-45: ‘A national emergency’

It’s all Unrestricted Warfare and ALL connected. Money, greed, power, control, death, etc. Criminal psychopaths. Our governments and major corporations are puppets of the (WEF) World Economic Forum, New world order and need to be totally dismantled.

Riccardo Bosi Australia One - [Raw Truth] Prepare Now! "Worldwide"


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5D Ascension All Connected and Also Important

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