The world is being taken over by private entities who hide behind governmental authorities and health agencies

  • The world is being taken over by private entities who hide behind governmental authorities and health agencies that only serve as the smokescreen for the hidden puppet masters who effectively rule over humanity.
  • Their financial headquarters are in the City of London, from where they influence the rest of the world.
  • These private entities have been building an undemocratic framework that allows the World Health Organization to seize all rights and freedoms from the entire world population and submit all nations to their tyranny. All they need is a “public health emergency of international concern” which they can easily fabricate using fraudulent diagnostics.
  • They apply psychological techniques of manipulation to hypnotize and brainwash the public. Trained “change agents” are sent into every sphere of our societies, where they transform the thinking and behavior of the people.
  • Although they use “health” as the excuse for their crimes, their influence causes true health care to be destroyed and be replaced by criminal financial operations.
  • In the view of these oligarchs the people are livestock, which they claim to own – body, mind and soul. Essentially, they revive the ancient practice of slavery, where humans are literally owned by rich masters.
  • During this revival of slavery, the systems of enslavement have been greatly upgraded and enhanced, for the purpose of effectively enslaving the entire human race.
  • One of the true motivations behind the DNA altering vaccines that are being imposed on all of humanity, is to genetically engineer mankind with a view to create a “new model of human” that will perfectly obey these oligarchs.
  • More evidence of this Trans-humanist Agenda is revealed on
  • We are currently preparing a documentary that features dozens of video clips of these criminals, publicly discussing how, for example, 5G will insert thoughts and emotions into the population to ensure complete obedience.

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