The Ukraine CRISES is much more than most people know

Biden wants UKRAINE burned down ( inside the chaos they plan do and inside job CIA style ops and destroy servers and all data points that link Money money laundering, BILLIONS in illegal Oil/ gas deals distribution/ stolen oil, gas…) The Ukrainians were doing a large investigation into BIDEN,> OBAMA< and have alot of evidence in closed indictments against OBAMA/ BIDEN and their admin…. These indictments are connected to OBAMA administration which connect the >> FAKE<<< killing of Osama bin laden.. In which the IRANIAN gov. Protected Bin laden and gave OBAMA a fake decoy to apprehend and have the decoy KILLED by Seal team six.. The plot to trick OBAMA worked and moments ( minutes) after apprehending and killing of Osama bin laden Obama gave a live speech that bin laden was captured and killed//// Americans rejoiced and Obama sinking poles as President was instantly lifted and he was re-elected>>///

What Americans didn’t know was moments after OBAMA gave his live speech of the capture and killing of bin laden.. seal team six identified the dead body as not being bin LADEN ( they figured out was a decoy)// but was too late OBAMA gave the speech only seconds earlier////

The body was thrown out over the mountains from the helicopter../// the IRANIANS PLAN HAD WORKED AND OBAMA CAME INTO CONTROL UNDER IRANIAN BLACKMAIL.. they had everything on OBAMA and the lies and the proof >> thats why OBAMA paid BILLIONS in cash in pallets to IRAN and Hillary Clinton set up the deaths of the Seal team six from that special operation/))) the BILLIONS that went to IRAN was traded ( money laundering) into UKRAINE markets, oil, gas.. Weapons, estate , into EUROPEs largest human trafficking network ///

Now BIDEN/ OBAMA deep state CABAL want UKRAINE destroyed …

Biden will use Ukraine for a reason of inflation in America and falling markets < Deep State in EU will blame Ukraine CRISES for falling markets. Inflation, supply chain interruptions. There are several that wanted this WAR to create distractions away from PLANDEMIC narrative falling apart.. Distraction of ]] DURHAM [[ Indictments. Investigation heading to OBAMA> Biden and
The connection to the world [ EXPOSURE] of the CABAL



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