The Trump raid is much more than anyone anticipated, at the deep core of the raid was relations to Trump and Nuclear Military command codes

107 Intel.

Nuclear codes///

In March 13, 2020 Trump declared a national emergency using the National health Act as a shield to close up Cheyenne mountain military base.

On March 15 2020 , Cheyenne mountain was closed to all access, including access to Mil. Nuclear chain of commands directed by the Military base that oversee all nuclear United States mil. operations.

3 days before the Trump raid, Trump was given new secure locks by the FBI to secure the Classified documents . A few days later the FBI Raid happened easily broke and accessed their own new installed locks that protected the documents.<

_As Trump NEVER conceded the Elections , this meant he was still in Presidential power and had commands over the Nuclear codes of the U.S. Military commands and Nuclear deployment operations.

One of the MAIN purposes of the raids was for Biden(Obama/cia) to attain the Nuclear codes<

To their dismay the codes were missing and never found.

(Inside the Trump classified files were thousands of
Classified info connected to Obama , UN. NATO inside illegals deals with Iran to develop nuclear weapons and how International Atomic Energy Agency helped in back door between Obama/CIA and Iran to activate nuclear operations…. /))) Biden family dealings with China. Ukraine/ cia deeply involved in several Dealings involving selling nuclear plutonium> Uranium*> Clinton’s involvement… ECT ECT ECT ECT ECT
-☝️ this is just one of thousands of evidence in CLASSIFIED DOCS TRUMP POSSESSED….. But several Wires report the MAIN purpose was the Obama/ cia/ Biden Deep State trying to aquire the Nuclear Codes.

It’s very interesting that Trump never conceded the elections in order to secure the nuclear codes.

Word on the WIRES; …. Trump memorized the Nuclear Codes and the physical evidence was destroyed. ///// Major confusion in the Pentagon as [ they] can’t activate nuclear war<
_ Major confusion on how [ they] can access the codes that is securely hidden in Trump’s memory .

The Truth is stranger than fiction and MAJOR confusion floats above the DC . [ DS] CIA . CABAL ECT ECT ECT >SWAMP<

The US has been under Active Martial Law since March 2020 > See all Executive Orders with National Emergencies

>>Restored Republic<<
Active Executive Orders and [National Emergencies] listed

>>The Birth of the Cabal<<

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