The Narrative Is Crumbling

Covid narrative – Crumbling
Vaccine narrative – Crumbling
Lockdown narratives – Crumbling
Fauci’s Reputation – Crumbling
Big Pharma’s Credibility – Crumbling
Faith in Medical Field – Crumbling
Stock Market – Crumbling
Banking System – Crumbling
Russian Collusion – Crumbling
Ukraine Corruption – Crumbling
Hollywood – Crumbling
Fake News – Crumbling

The system was cracked to high hell.
Trump couldn’t fix a broken system.
He was tasked to get into the driver seat, hit the sweet spots & fully break it & get the hell out of the way of the collapse.

We don’t WANT him back right now. The cabal pillars have been taken out. The roof HAS TO collapse on Biden, NOT President Trump.
We need a NEW system.
Patel Patriot’s Devolution is entirely correct.

I would also urge you all to research Professor Peter Dale Scott’s research into the Deep State to see just how long CoG / Devolution has been abused by our government, to subvert the constitution & give power to Shadow orgs

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