The Deep State and White Hats Plans


  • The Obama/ CIA/ Rothschild/ Rockefeller/ Chinese Communist Party/ Europe-controlled Regime have created a Perfect Storm of lies and deception.
  • The Deception controls the news of the Covid-19 narration/ Climate Change/ floods/ droughts/ earthquakes/ hurricanes incoming. This Death and Fear leads to new wars and terrorism.
  • This all has to happen. The White Hats are letting the Deep State play their last cards.
  • Watch what Trump says: It’s vital in these moments and vital to a world waking up.
  • We knew that for many reasons they were going to create a war for distraction.
  • The news is fake. The war is real. All Events have to happen.
  • In each country they are experiencing the Events.
  • The world must see the Darkness and rise.
  • Have faith through the hardest part of the Game Theory Plan: A Near Death Civilization Event.
  • It had to be this way.

Riccardo Bosi Australia One - [Raw Truth] Prepare Now! "Worldwide"


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