The 8 year proxy War in East Ukraine

The 8 year proxy War in East Ukraine is being used today as PROPAGANDA today by DEEP STATE trying to trigger a WAR… [ DS] MSM plastering photos of RUSSIA ( separatist ) shelling old building….///

The problem is .. How long will PUTIN WATCH< the PROPAGANDA…. Go on//))*> its only a matter of time before the Bull gives the horns…

With Cyber-Attacks happening in Ukraine. U.S , China and> UK expected next…. Why isn’t RUSSIA BEING CYBER ATTACKED at a prestige level as U S Ukraine. China?

Yes it’s true the MSM deep state NATO UN trying hard to trigger a WAR… For all the cover ups of the PLANDEMIC and exposure but also the fall and 2 year collapse of the EUs biggest bank Deutche Bank<<< which will create a catastrophe in European nations and 100 of millions of people will find out their money, retirement is gone ( stolen)/// their are several reasons to create WAR …, try to silence U.S ELECTIONS EXPOSURE. DURHAM INVESTIGATION AND INDICTMENTS that lead to OBAMA world orgs.. HRC human trafficking connected to VATICAN and so on and so on.. The crimes of UN… World BANKS> bioweapon SARRD11 release…. ECT ECT

What’s going to happen……
(The specific steps only white HATS and PUTIN know…..)///

But still in the longer game is a NUCLEAR STANDOFF…..>>>
Triggers ~_ EVENTS
WORLD MARSHAL LAW after riot’s, protest escalate after many events connected to food shortage gas shortage. Supply chain halts , more Banks collapsing.. MASS PANIC AS BILLION WILL PULL MONEY.
Mass protest as 100 of millions lose money…..

It doesn’t matter what Putin says in the short run…..>>
It’s all going to go to world NUCLEAR STANDOFF. 2022..

Storm of the century

>>Restored Republic<<
Active Executive Orders and [National Emergencies] listed

>>The Birth of the Cabal<<

Uncensored Alternative News Media

Ascension All Connected and Also Important

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