Will Smith who for years played
Fresh prince of Bel-Air and insulted woman, men, kids, music, art, ethic groups , genres , insulting humans from skinny to fat to Short to humans with health problems…. As a comedian in a sitcom Will Smith had no ending to insulting the human conditions of every size, age, color and ethnicity… Later on in MAJOR films as a lead actor he insulted again HUMANS and deemed men and women.. And even Aliens as UGLY…..

What kind of message was he sending those years to hundreds of millions of viewers as a comedian and actor who deemed people and even kids in television and tv …..

The scenario of Chris Rock and Will Smith ( who was passed around at a young age to Hollywood Pedo/ traffickers/ELITES as Candy) STAGING this fake Oscar moment….. Smells rotten/ fishy/ fake!!!!! ( Will Smith sat up front …a real man would have taken to the streets/
The real ghetto Chris Rock would have fight back instantly/
No security removed Smith ( this Oscar night is when they hundreds of security armed/unarmed at the highest profiled Hollywood event… And nobody did nothing….)

The TRUTH is more> the CIA MOCKINGBIRD media controlled Hollywood … Stirred up a division in Hollywood > staged event<… Now they will pick sides Smith vs. Rock and ALL these celebrity’s will go to social media and post their thoughts and their fans ( sheep) WILL become lost in the dazed fake staged moment< then this will trend in Google, and MSM and Twitter and Hunter BIDENs court precedings in Delaware will be will be all BIDENS last week of mistakes and false threats to Putin….. [11:12 AM] CIA pulling strings >STAGED

WHAT’S NEXT… Will Smith kissing his son on the lips in long moments in public/publicity/ then his son >guided< To be gay and used inside Hollywood Pedo cults ,, while the mother Jada ( cia informat) screws Tupac and infiltrated the black community uprising and surpressed true leaders in the movement through BLACKMAIL..>>> oooo I forgot this already all happened<<<<

Many are finally.. Only learning of the CIAs world of control in Hollywood MOCKINGBIRD media and STAGED AGENDAS..

(you should learn about the real story of Ashton Kutcher and his connection to child trafficking.. Creating software that is used by CIA . Police and elites to hunt children through face recognition……)/////

Let’s keep watching the CIA . DEEP STATE , CABAL, HOLLYWOOD PULL THEIR FINAL STRINGS of the 21st century…..

Up next more crap coming out of Hollywood..FF FF FF FF FF False Flag ..

The END is near for PEDOWOOD
that’s why you don’t hear NOTHING about TRUMP no more from them.. Like they ALL did years ago…. Just a few stupid pedos , mk ultra celebrities speaking up<very very very very few…

The children under the L.A. Getty museum… Tunnels, underground bunkers, satanic rituals….> WILL SMITH connection…

>>Restored Republic<<
Active Executive Orders and [National Emergencies] listed

>>The Birth of the Cabal<<

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Ascension All Connected and Also Important

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