Something important to think about///

Something important to think about///

I had stated in 2021 that Trump WILL face prosecution in Military courts for the release of the Vaccines ( and this was always the PLAN, >ALLIANCE placed TRUMP in power and Operation Warp Speed was designed to kick the deep state plan into unstable immediate action and the deep state wasn’t ready for their vaccines project to be released and when Trump released the vaccine this caused the Deep State banks to head into a collapse as GAME THEORY>OPERATIONS were initiated and the Deep State agenda was pushed 3 year’s ahead of time which caused major CHAOS through the CABAL systems and [they] change the narration . /// Through Trump’s early release of the Vaccines more then 95% of the vaccines were placebos, FAKE, Saline water (as China arrested corporations that were selling Saline as COVID 19 vaccines and several stories of vaccines through the world were Saline> Germany .. but the media covered up the stories) ..
_As the Alliance fast rushed the VACCINES the Deep State had a small chance only of installing Less than 10 percent of vaccines with real deadly bio-weapons vaccines …..>>>
The proof of the vaccines being mostly fake is in Russian/ Chinese deaths related linked to vaccines were relatively nonexistent with few deaths reported.

_ALLIANCE + TRUMP. + Ops had to release the VACCINEs and push the pandemic forward quickly.. There was no way to STOP the EVENT as [ DS] OPERATIONS had FULL Control of world MOCKINGBIRD MEDIA and more the 65% of the WORLD believed in the [DS ] MSM News cycle and pandemic happening
( Currently more than half of the world is aware NOW the pandemic is connected to a scam and have stopped taking the vaccines and have no plans to take more….. Thank you toO the world Patriot who became the TRUE NEWS CYCLE and red pilled the world and continue as MUSK. And world reports come out against vaccines and several countries and States come out against vaccines)
_as the world COLLAPSEs inside a world STORM of inflation. Forced WAR, obvious censorship, market collapse more and more people globally are waking up!

THE MIL.ALLIANCE ALWAYS KNEW TRUMP WOULD EVENTually FACE > Crimes against humanity charges, Nürnberg Code…( But this was the only way to EXPOSE the Big pharma , FAUCI, CDC. NIH.niah ECT sect Gates WHO Pentagon CIA and CLASSIFIED CLASSIFIED CLASSIFIED CLASSIFIED DS operations inside Military Tribunals as TRUMP would use FULL Military Intelligence reports. Assessment. CLASSIFIED information to Expose the [ DS] within the government and military.U.s. health corporation who had planned the COVID 19 creation, release. Deadly vaccines and the U.S. mil. With DECLASSIFY ALLIANCE OPERATIONS connected to WARP SPEED. > DARPA DARK OPERATIONS AND OVER 200,000 SEALED INDICTMENTS CONNECTED TO EPSTEIN AND WORLD BLACKMAIL, HUMAN TRAFFICKING OPERATIONS CONNECTED TO CAPTURED U.S. GOVERNMENT and deep State ops that created the deadly pandemic def ECT ede ECT ECT Ect ECT>

So here is the thought.

INSIDE> Underground chatter & CABLES : Their is HUGE talk of Switzerland and EU issuing legal arrest warrants in several countries under the Writ of Mandamus legality and procedures to ARREST ALL who conspired in the pandemic and issuing of vaccines… Including Gates. Putin. XI. Trump ECT.
( But the word is Xi Putin Trump WILL escape the Mil. tribuals as the EXPOSE the Deep State operations)///

Think about this.
Is it coincidence that ARREST warrants for PUTIN has been issued and Philippines issues arrest warrants for Bill gates and NOW TRUMP in the same 17 days is facing ARREST and warrants ?????
Is this just simply coincidence?

Coordinated or COINCIDENCE _Q

COINCIDENCE after Coincidence

COINCIDENCEor silent war?

COINCIDENCEor message?
“The Great Awakening”

If you look to Q post #3716 & #3717 they are the same post mirrored with 45 at the end and both talk of ARREST
( Does this mean 45 Will be arrested Twice? one for federal charges which WILL cause mass Awakening and then later again for Military Tribunals that was cause global Awakening through the EXPOSURE DECLASSIFIED Mil operations and introduce ALLIANCE MIL OPERATIONS LEGAL THROUGH COURTS. WORLD COURTS.

>>Restored Republic<<
Active Executive Orders and [National Emergencies] listed

>>The Birth of the Cabal<<

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Ascension All Connected and Also Important

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