Russian Tass News Agency reports, confirm a secret deal negotiated between the Gnostic Illuminati and the WDS is being put into motion.


Russian Tass News Agency reports, for their part, confirm a secret deal negotiated between the Gnostic Illuminati and the WDS is being put into motion. The deal is to return to an agreement between Frederick the Great and the Russian Tsar to use the Dnieper river as the border between their respective zones of interest.

Russia is evacuates its’ troops and citizens to their side of the river.

,Other Russian reports confirm Scholz advocates “finding a common language with Russian President Vladimir Putin.”

When the Russo/German agreement is formalized and Russian gas starts flowing to Europe again, this will financially devastate the Rockefeller/Rothschild profiteers now selling LNG to Europe and four times the price of Russian gas.

Japan, like Germany, has also become an independent country for the first time since World War II. This can be seen in the government’s decision to keep buying oil and gas from Russia instead of letting Rothschild/Rockefeller-controlled companies price gouge them.

To celebrate its regained independence, Japan last week staged an awesome display of force. Naval forces from the US, England, Australia, Canada, India, Indonesia, France, South Korea etc. made it clear which alliance rules the waves. So while Russia, China and Germany may control the Eurasian landmass, they need to reach a deal with the Japanese alliance to ensure freedom of navigation and world peace. Such a deal is being negotiated to the benefit of all parties, WDS sources say.
In this context of facing certain defeat, representatives of the Khazarian mafia in Switzerland contacted the White Dragon Society last week. The negotiations are ongoing and we’ve been asked not to disclose the details at this point. However, we can say an agreement has been reached to protect members of Chabad and other KM groups who are not involved in crimes or violence.

It is also clear there is so much worldwide anger against the KM that their initial offers of monetary compensation are a far cry from what will be demanded of them. The WDS demands a worldwide jubilee and redistribution of assets.

In addition, a representative of the European Royal families makes it clear that the Rockefeller and Rothschilds will have to be removed from any control of world central banks.

The representative says the entire “Russo-Ukrainian conflagration is a tactical maneuver” aimed at expanding NATO “across the Black Sea into Georgia and then Kazakhstan – Astana [the capital] being the new home of KM after we flung them out of Israel for destabilizing the entire Middle East.”

This effort has failed and now “the KM are on the run and putting out propaganda to avoid their court martial and executions.”

However, not only was the KM trying to kill people with vaccines and bio-weapons; but they were also trying to enslave them. As Judge Anna von Reitz and others point out, they were claiming people “who received the genetic modification disguised as a vaccine would be redefined as Genetically Modified Organisms, literally owned under Patent by the Criminal Perpetrators of this Unlawful and Illegal Conversion Scheme.”

This is among the many reasons almost nobody is in the mood to forgive their SARS bio-weapon and vaccine attack, multiple sources agree.

🔥 I had already reported years ago and have been confirmed by several MILITARY  generals and Ml. INTEL that the reason Ukraine War had initially started was because. CIA. NATO UN. DAVOS ROTHSCHILDs had trained 600,000 Ukrainian soldiers with U.S. [ DS] Ops and the purpose was to invade RUSSIA and over throw PUTIN and go after the GOLD.gdp. and lithium reserve……. This was also recently reported by Colonial. Macgregor.

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