Q’s plan to save the world!

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Out of the Darkness into the Wondrous Light of Truth! Behind the scenes, the silent, covert war continues! We are in the midst of the greatest covert military operation of all time.

Welcome to the great awakening of “We The People”! The Deep State puppets, the devilish politicians, the propaganda MSM, Big Tech, Big Banks and Big Pharma are all being unmasked! Soon, under the leadership of the Military, new elections will be held in the U.S.! Buckle up, and have faith! It is going to be biblical! You are watching a scripted movie. And nothing can stop what is coming. Nothing. Mass Awakening is the greatest fear of the Deep State Cabal.

We have arrived in the middle of the military phase of a global operation. There is a huge storm on the horizon! We had to walk through the darkness before we could see the light! It had to be this way to secure future elections and save our children from the real pandemic viz. the Deep State Cabal, with their child sex trade! The Patriots can prove anything! The longer we wait, the more the Deep State will be exposed. Every scenario was planned. The whole world is watching.

Arrests and military tribunals are in full swing. Soros, Gates, Fauci, Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, Obamas, Bidens and the rest will all end up in GITMO for high treason. – Trump swears “We are going to take back our country, faster than you think! You will see things you have never seen before!” Trump will return as the president of the new republic of the United States of America.

In this new American republic, we, the people, have all the power. There is no federal income tax. The money system returns to the Gold Standard. GESARA is implemented.

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