Our footprints will help others find their way

Those of us that are aware of the difficult path humanity is on, will be able to help those who are still hypnotized by the Pied Pipers tune that’s leading them to oblivion.

It’s never easy to be ahead of the curve, but thanks to that, we have been able to protect ourselves, make better choices and prepare mentally for what may come.

We are also the ones contributing positively to the collective consciousness in order to manifest the type of future we dream of which is vitally important. Never underestimate your contribution.

Our footprints will help others find their way, our light will guide them and our compassion will make their awakening more bearable.

I believe this is our role and our destiny, it may not feel fair at times and it certainly has not been easy, but we were chosen for a reason. So be proud for it and take on your role with courage and responsibility. Our Creator will reward you for it.



Riccardo Bosi Australia One - [Raw Truth] Prepare Now! "Worldwide"


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