Officials: 3 teens rescued, multiple arrested in human trafficking, prostitution operation

22 April 2023 U.S.

Police Arrest 18 People in Major Child Sex Trafficking Bust: ‘I Have Not Seen a Case Like This’

▫️3 teens rescued, multiple arrested in Sacramento operation
SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Three girls — ages 13, 15 and 16 — were rescued and over 100 people were arrested in a Sacramento County law enforcement human trafficking and childhood prostitution operation over the course of a few weeks. The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office says the countywide investigation ended with “95 misdemeanor citations, 7 felony arrests, 31 sex buyers cited, 65 sex workers cited and 3 sex traffickers arrested” in seven days. The Sheriff’s Office said 102 people were arrested or cited in total.

▫️32 people arrested in child sex sting
INDIANAPOLIS — 32 people have been arrested in a child sex sting, according to a press release from the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office. The sting was operated from Tuesday, April 18 – Thursday, April 20 and setup by the members of the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office, the Franklin Police Department, and the Edinburgh Police Department.

▫️12 ‘Johns’ Arrested During Moreno Valley Prostitution Sting
MORENO VALLEY, CA — A crackdown on prostitution took place in Moreno Valley this week, and the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department reported that 12 “johns” were arrested during the sting.

▫️Operation Intercept: Montgomery County task force brings down predators luring minors
MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Ohio – Montgomery County put together a human trafficking task force a few years ago and just over the last few weeks they completed an operation bringing down predators luring in minors. 3 individuals have been indicted, and multiple are still being investigated.


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