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_WHO converging on Dec. 5-7 to discuss new “Pandemic Treaty” that would unleash a global medical dictatorship _Alex Jones Interviews Wuhan Whistleblower: Proves Fauci Ran COVID Gain Of Function Operation _Fauci Admits His Daughter Worked for Twitter During Pandemic _Sen. Ron Johnson: FBI ‘Preplanned’ Sabotage of Hunter Laptop Story _Planned Famine: Germany Orders Farms To ‘Cease Operating’ As WEF Demands ‘END of Farming’ _BREAKING: Transcript of Fauci’s testimony in lawsuit against Joe Biden was released yesterday _Scientists world-wide debate discovery of Nanotech. found in COVID Jabs & strange Structures found in Blood of… _Netherlands Land Grab: State now threatens to seize 3,000 farms _Chinese Agents Carried Out Large TikTok Campaign to Help Elect Democrats During Midterms

_Ukrainian drone strikes deep within Russia could spark a bigger war involving the US
_Twitter Files Unveil More FBI Collusion
_THE TWITTER FILES: The Removal Of Donald Trump, Part 1
_EU chooses digital ID contractor associated with the UK’s Covid trace system
_Brazilian Military Declare Bolsonaro ‘Supreme Commander of Brazil’ As Troops Execute ‘Treasonous’ Lula da Silva…
_WEF Activists Caught Destroying America’s Power Plants – Media Blackout
_World Renowned Cardiologist Warns Public To Avoid ‘DEADLY COVID Vaccine’ After It Kills His Father
_Bolsonaro Says He’s Ready To Take Command Of Brazil’s Military In Disputed Election
_BlackRock and Vanguard come under fire from 19 US States over ESG ideology
_Dr. Peter McCullough: Covid “vaccines” are a US military program
_Sen. Ron Johnson’s latest COVID conference shows why we must warn others about the dangerous jabs
_DAMNING DOCUMENTS UNCOVERED: CDC directly colluded with Twitter, Facebook to censor free speech
_DON’T SHED ON ME: The covid “vaccinated” are a health threat to the unvaccinated, warns Dr. McCullough
_BREAKING: John Podesta’s niece QUITS Twitter Trust & Safety Council as Elon Musk takes on child exploitation

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