_As the uncovering of Hundreds of billions of $$$$$$$$$$of the CCPs money was hidden inside Silicone Valley Banks is being EXPOSED slowly> Behind The Scenes Mil Investigators ( Intelligence Battalions ) are gathering data and breaking encrypted codes through the SVB financial democratic laundering systems …..SBV COLLAPSE and [ DS] connections are reaching the highest sources in the U.S. government> cia > pentagon> Obama> Biden> UKRAINE MONEY LAUNDERING SYSTEM, CONNECTED TO THE CCP <

_at the same time TRUMP’S arrest was initiated with 34 indictment ( and the world photo that hit the EU countries last week before his arraignment was with Trump standing beside 3 flags and 4( 5) flags flags behind him with several other flags to his left placed far off screen ..,.>. Mil. COMMS were placed intentionally by TRUMP. +..MIL.+ALLIANCE signalling the 3.4. 3.5 stagrs of War in the Laws of War Department of Defense procedures )….> It’s no coincidence JUS IN BELLO 3.4. is leading to RECIPROCITY 3.6 (few days later Trump was flanked with 3  Flags next to 3 other flags equalling 6 on one side mirrored by the same flags on his left)
*The public community often does not know Trump, intelligence orgs. Military commands often speak in CODED MILITARY COMMUNICATIONS THROUGH LIVE PUBLIC BROADCASTS .>>>> TRUMP latest pubic Military COMMS signal we are in WAR and inside 3.4 law of war procedures and everything must be drive by the book>>>>. While difficult, it is important to understand this must be done BY THE BOOK.Q///

For the past 3 months [ ds] Pentagon [ msm] Biden admin have been lying about Ukraine winning the war and controlling news cycle through EU . UK . Canada ECT.. But the REAL truth has been coming from several inside sources> including Trump’s close friend Colonial Douglas MacGregor who was senior advisor to U S.  Secretary of defense, and Colonial Macgregor is a War strategist with serval out comes that help win wars. ///// Now Macgregor with strong ties to CLASSIFIED intelligence reports and oath keepers and Mil. ALLIANCE keep dropping the TRUTH of UKRAINE BATTLE FIELD ASSESSMENTS. and in the real War reports and data assessment UKRAINE has fallen and continues spiral into failure///// The U S. Has ceased sending top of the line weapons to Ukraine and equipment and the EU had now stopped sending high grade weapons and systems to Ukraine…..> Inside the military intelligence assessment is known that UKRAINE NATO( CIA U S. PROXY WARS) war will WILL FALL and they don’t want the weapons to fall into RUSSIAN hands at the end of the War<<<<

_NOW U.S. Military.+ NATO war plans have leaked online and RUSSIA is posting documents online and on TV//// inside the documents also reveal the true Ukrainian casualty loss into the hundreds, hundreds of thousands with far less Russian casualties into tens of thousands….. The Military CLASSIFIED documents is a real hit to the Pentagon.CIA. NATO military plans as their objectives have been revealed and now PENTAGON CIA has forced MSM to reveal the documents as Russian disinformation or highly modified documents.

In any case…. The real story is we are at marker/ stage/ section. > 3.4>3.5.>>>leading into the 3.6

[ EPSTEIN] Saga is only heating up. Everything connects. Ukraine Obama. Clintons . Cia. Virus.
SVB ….. ECT ECT ECT ECT ECT ECT ECT ECT ECT ECT ECT ECT………….>>>> It’s all leading to 11.3

( I told you few minutes ago…. Major military leaks would leak online and these would be placed operations.//)))))>>>>> It’s leading to a flood gate.. More and more and cia pentagon can’t control the inside leaks and the white hats  A.I.s system they unleashed< …………. Remember i told you about the white hats unleashing mil. A.i. systems to combat the deep state A I. Systems……WELL your watching powerful POWERFUL leaks that can’t be controlled and leads to MASSIVE MASSIVE OPEN FLOOD GATES>>>> ..CIA PENTAGON. BIDEN IN PANIC<<<)

Scramble to identify who leaked the Pentagon papers: US officials are racing to find out how classified docs appearing to show highly sensitive details about the war in Ukraine, China and the Middle East appeared online

Intelligence leak exposes U.S. spying on adversaries and allies
U.S. and European officials scrambled to understand how dozens of classified documents covering all manner of intelligence gathering had made their way online with little notice.

>>Restored Republic<<
Active Executive Orders and [National Emergencies] listed

>>The Birth of the Cabal<<

Uncensored Alternative News Media

Ascension All Connected and Also Important

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