Military medical doctors warning about vaccines

Vaccinating military

Military Documents About Gain of Function EXPOSED

Military Personnel Quitting Because of Mandatory Vaccine

Your not the only one refusing to take the vaccine and getting discharged

2000 Felons & Zero Justice

U.S. Military Deaths Up 1100% – US Navy Seals Lawyer speaks out (Vaccines)

General Michael T. Flynn Shared The Plan To Save The USA And World

Levin: We are living in a post-constitutional America

Explosive Report Confirms Expansive CIA ‘Stealth Network’ Of Spies & Commandos Inside Ukraine

40,000 National Guard Troops Face Unemployment As Vaccine Deadline Imminent

884 Navy Personnel Discharged From Service for COVID-19 Vaccine Refusal

Marines Speak Out as Vax Mandate Forces Dozens Out of the Corps: ‘Political Purge’

Unvaccinated Sailors to be Discharged, Could Face Financial Penalties

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