Markets being Robbed by ELITES across the world

(They know the COLLAPSE is IMMINENT)

Ex-Goldman banker Roger Ng convicted in U.S. court in 1MDB case
( LARGEST heist in history in the world)//

Ng financed wild partys and Movies, including The Wolf of Wall Street<and several other Hollywood films….

Ng stole the money from the Malaysian people who were funding the 1MBD .

The trail of the Money and more INDICTMENTS is> INCOMING<

From reliable inside sources, say;

Roger Ng 1MDB scandal is Reaching the shores of several countries from virgin islands , Delaware ( u s) to Germany. EU. And the corruption of hidden Shell companies and investment firms are under investigation and sealed indictments in many countries being served/)))…

Across the world in almost every country… Elites, politicians are dumping Stock ///
(They seem not to care of INSIDER trade laws and prosecution>>> as the normal FIAT system will not return ////)

_Sometimes you have to Wonder… How incredible White HATS are . And how this long wait .. Was for a perfect opportunity to catch all the world ELITEs in several different OPERATIONS>> including FIAT collapse orchestrated by the DEEP state CABAL and the HEISTS OF THE CENTURY TAKING PLACE…

Even PELOSI dumped her stock
.. Soros orgs. Dumping BILLIONS….


I had WARNED many many times last year as did many Insiders .. That a COLLAPSE is coming and world create RIOT’S.. Turn off supply chains . Cripple the banks . ATMs having trouble..//// from middle east > Iran ( spreading) supply/food chain riot’s to Peru riot’s…. This EVENT is spreading and coming at an immense pace now….///

This_EVENT is going to TRIGGER near DEATH civilization EVENT….///

Civilizations are going to be so upset by the stolen money > Elites> FAKE pandemic> forced good/supply chain shortage> INFLATION>… EXCUSES BY GOVERNMENTS…/// People will become so angry, they will riot, PROTEST by the HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS…

If your awake and been following… Then you understand this EVENT Will last only for a short time and you are ready and prepared ( food, supplies, natural resources for energy.. And protection )///

We are wading into the BLACK SWAN EVENT<

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>>Restored Republic<<
Active Executive Orders and [National Emergencies] listed

>>The Birth of the Cabal<<

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