Laura Aboli: Our humanity is at stake!

Our humanity is at stake. Through fear, coercion, manipulation, control and now genetic modification they want to strip us of everything that makes us human; our emotions, our compassion, our creativity, our ingenuity, our empathy, our liberty and our incredible capacity for love.

It is now more important than ever to hang on to our God given human condition. Don’t allow yourself to be defiled, desensitized, demoralized and defeated. Your humanity in all its expression, must be preserved for yourself, for your children and for future generations. Be more human than ever, show others what that means, be how we should all be, stand proud of it and defend it with your life if necessary.

Would you want to live as anything else anyway? I know I don’t, I have too much love and respect for God’s creation. We are the resistance. We are the example. We are the humans that understand exactly what that means. Let’s show the world. We can do this, no matter what it takes.

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