LAURA ABOLI – Can we really not see that this war, like all others, serves them well in advancing their plans?

They’ve done it again. Once more, through the use of violence, trauma and outrage, they have emotionally manipulated us in order to divide everyone: the asleep, the awakened, the zombies and everything in between.

Not long ago, WE were united against masks, against vaccines, against Agenda 2030, against the globalists’ plans, against chemtrails, against mainstream media lies and fakery, against the corrupt political class. WE were united against injustice, against enslavement, against immorality, against indecency, against pedophilia, against the woke agenda, against Marxism, against strict religious dogma, against genetic manipulation, against weather modification, against loss of privacy, against killing cows and eating bugs, against 15 minute cities and against the dystopian future they are slowly building around us. Yes, WE were united…

WE the people had understood and identified who the real enemy is, who we are up against and how they are going about implementing their plans. WE were successfully building a united front of worldwide resistance.

But in just two weeks of war in Israel, we suddenly forgot everything we had learned, all the red pills we had swallowed, the awareness we had gained, the perspective we had achieved. Suddenly, it seems to me, we are back to square one – divided.

But divided we loose and they know that. We ALL lose; the arabs, the jews and all the rest of us!

Can we really not see that this war, like all others, serves them well in advancing their plans?

I will repeat this until I’m blue in the face; the people pulling the strings are behind both the Israeli government and Hamas! They want war! And they want it to go global.

Hamas was created by Israel, Hamas doesn’t care for the Palestinians, just like the Israeli government doesn’t care about the Israeli people, just like our governments don’t give two hoots about us! Do I need to remind everyone of the bioweapon they just unleashed upon us? Do we not see daily the genocide that’s happening under our noses as a result of the Covid jabs?! They don’t care about us! They never have and they never will.

The attack by Hamas was a 9/11 type of inside job, that’s why the IDF took more than 6 hours to react! They were giving time for the massacre to take place, this would then give Netanyahu the excuse to bomb Gaza into oblivion, but more importantly to start what can easily become a global conflict. Can’t you see how rapidly they want to pull Iran into it?

Why do you think European countries have allowed hundreds of thousands of immigrants, mainly from Islamic countries, to enter freely? Because they will now serve the purpose of destabilising countries from within. These people are just emotionally reacting to Netanyahu’s out of proportion massacring of children in Gaza and so they will clash with all the puppet government’s script of supporting Israel no matter what. The recipe for chaos is perfect – it’s just what they wanted and we are all falling for it like fools!

Remember their aim is total control, so the more chaos they can induce, the more of an excuse they have for their agenda: digital ids, facial recognition, 15 minute cities, end of freedom of speech, weapons conscription, CBDCs, martial law, lockdowns… etc etc etc. Two weeks into the war and we are already seeing progress in this direction! We are walking into the trap like idiots!

Let’s not forget the phrase “Ordo Ab Chao,” which is the motto of the 33rd degree in Masonry – ‘Order out of Chaos’. They create the conditions for chaos so they can bring in their order: their New World Order.

The arab/jew hatred is the perfect spark to ignite a fire that will spread throughout the world like the wildfires they have been engineering in our forests. It will leave no country untouched, no society unscathed.

It breaks my heart to witness how even amongst those who claim to see further than the illusion, who call themselves awakened, who think they have transcended the matrix, they have managed to create a drift, a confrontation.

If we are not careful, we will drop the ball and before we know it, all the things we’ve been fighting against in the last three years, will be instituted from right under our noses.

There are only two sides: WE and THEM – we the people vs the power structure that pulls all the strings. WE are all arabs, WE are all jews, WE are all human! WE all hurt, WE all cry, WE all dream, WE all love!

But THEY don’t want us to be who we are, THEY don’t want us to live in peace and prosperity, THEY want chaos in order to imprison us and convert us into Transhumans connected to the grid.

That is THEIR dream and if WE don’t stop falling for their manipulation we will create their dream instead of ours.

It’s time WE decide which reality we are going to create. The choice is still ours, but we are running out of time.

LAURA ABOLI – We are in the middle of a multidimensional war. A geopolitical, spiritual, physical, emotional and psychological war.

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